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25 Ted Quotes From 'Schitt's Creek' That Are Just What The Vet Ordered

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Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers about Schitt's Creek. Ted and Alexis share some seriously adorable and hilarious couple moments on Schitt's Creek. Even though they decide to go their separate ways at the end of the series, they're still meant for each other, and a lot of that has to do with Ted being such a wonderful, dedicated partner. He's a vet, super sweet, and has a lot more than "a little bit" of love for Alexis. To celebrate how awesome this character is, use any of these Ted Schitt's Creek quotes for Instagram that are just what the vet ordered.

The Rose family delivers some of the more iconic and LOL-worthy lines from the series, like "ew, David" and "bébé," but Ted's there to add so much charm. Even when he's not physically right by Alexis' side, he's still showing the amazing, kind, and genuine person he truly is. He bakes for Christmas, comes up with quality animal puns, and even plans the cutest surprise virtual date for Alexis at the café.

So, the next time you're about to post a picture with your SO or even your best furry friend, just use any of these Ted Schitt's Creek quotes as your captions. You could even use Ted's iconic speech to Alexis at the Singles Week event when you want to confess your love for your partner for all your followers to see.


1. "I think that you are the most beautiful girl this town's ever seen."

2. "You deserve to see where it takes you."

3. "In my defense, they were serving cookies."

4. "I do have to tor-tell you..."

5. "You showing up here is really throwing me off my game."

6. "I do love discounts."

7. "Can't say that we didn't try."

8. "There were limited options at the airport gift shop."

9. "I wanted to surprise you."

10. "I couldn't let our anniversary go without a celebration."

11. "No need to milk it."

12. "Just because we're not in the same city doesn't mean we can't go on a date."

13. "I wouldn't let you even if you tried."


14. "I'd be kidding myself if I told you that I haven't wanted to do this every single day for the last two years."

15. "The amount of times that I run into you in this place is, like, out of a romantic comedy."

16. "That's a lot of dairy."

17. "I've been thinking about you... a lot."

18. "I'm newly single."

19. "The bottom half is just my bathing suit and flip flops."

20. "Did you close down the whole café?"

21. "I feel like there's an elephant in the room and I skipped the class that taught us how to care for large mammals."

22. "You're building something special here."

23. "You know how many off-road dirt bike tours I had to take just to get her out of my head?"

24. "I'm so proud of you."

25. "I don't want to lose this."

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