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34 IG Captions For Your Pet's First Halloween & All The Ghoul Boys

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It's your pet's first Halloween, and you're going to make sure the whole world knows it. Prior to the day of, you're going to post polls on your IG story asking what kind of costume your dog, cat, or tiny bearded dragon should wear. Of course, you're also going to stage a photoshoot in your home and take pictures of them dressed up like a ladybug, taco, or little witch. Of course, some Instagram captions for your pet's first Halloween will be needed, so you can post the results of your photoshoot, and give the world pumpkin to talk about.

Your pet has already made an appearance on your feed a few times, and received comments like, "Oh my god, how CUTE." However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't show off their first reactions to spooky season. You should document them sniffing through your decor or playing with an acorn-shaped toy you recently picked up at the store. It will make for sweet memories to look back on, as well as a ton of videos and pictures to post.

Not to mention, a few of your followers must be so invested in your pet's life and experiences in the world. So, they'll adore seeing them carrying around a boo basket, dressed up in an Animal Crossing costume, or with their pawrent (That's you!) who's handing them pumpkin-flavored treats.

With Halloween quickly approaching, don't waste another second to put your pet in a comfy costume and have that at-home photoshoot. Take pics and then prep them for an Instagram post along with one of these clever and cute captions for all the ghoul boys.

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1. "From good boy to ghoul boy."

2. "It must be ruff to be this cute all the time."

3. "Getting into the spirit of Halloween over here."

4. "Let's give them pumpkin to talk about, bud."

5. "First, we go on a walk. Then, we eat pumpkin treats."

6. "Bad to the bone."

7. "My pet's to-do list for today: eat, nap, and be scary."

8. "She takes naps like she's a vampire or something."

9. "Just trying to creep up with the big dogs."

10. "Does this costume make me look like a pumpkin?"

11. "Luckily, Halloween isn't the only day I get treats."

12. "I'm sensing some purr-anormal cat-ivity."

13. "Oh, sorry. I thought you said happy howl-ween."

14. "All the ghouls love me."

15. "Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag."

16. "The fangs all here, including my new pet."

17. "The first Halloween of many, my little fluff."

18. "Happy Halloween! Don't forget to light the cat-o'-lanterns."

19. "Do you boo-lieve my pet's the cutest of them all?"

20. "Life is gourd whenever I'm with you."

21. "This is my cat's first time watching 'Hocus Pocus,' and I'm really trying not to spoil it."

22. "The spooky vibes and cuteness are real with this one."

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23. "Later, witches. We're having our own Halloween party."

24. "Hugs, kisses, and first Halloween wishes."

25. "I'm pretty paw-sitive that you've won the costume contest this year."

26. "Have no fear. Labra-Thor is here!"

27. "There's nothing spooky or scary about you."

28. "Too cute to spook."

29. "When you have a new pup in your life and want to document everything..."

30. "First Halloween photo dump."

31. "Let's get dressed up in matching costumes every Halloween."

32. "The fluffiest pumpkin in the whole patch."

33. "All smiles and wags for your first Halloween."

34. "Halloween looks good on you."

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