A woman hands her dog a jack-o-lantern basket for Halloween.
These Boo Basket Ideas For Your Pup Are Pawsitively Spooky & Cute

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Treating your best furry friend to festive toys and treats is always a good idea. That's why we've put together these dog boo baskets that are totally something to woof about. Boo baskets are a sweet way to surprise your loved ones with something spooktacular in the name of the season, and that festiveness should extend to your four-legged bestie as well.

The first step in putting together a pawsome boo basket is deciding what your pup cherishes most. If your pup's an active baby who loves running around outside, give them a fresh set of tennis balls that'll get them excited for their next game of fetch. On the flip side, if your pup likes to curl up and cuddle on the reg, surprise them with a cozy fall sweater and fuzzy blanket that'll upgrade their nap time.

Once you've decided on any of these eight boo basket ideas, it's time to put everything together. Not only is this great for your pup at home, but also for your bestie who has a best furry friend. With a festive boo basket, the dog in your life is guaranteed to have a pawfect Halloween.

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The "Cutest Ball Of Energy" Dog Basket

Your dog is a ball of energy, and this boo basket will certainly keep them entertained. Include some purple tennis balls ($10,, a rope toy ($10,, and a plush squeaky toy ($15, that are perfect for playtime. Add in a cute water bottle ($13, for hikes and trips to the dog park, too.

The "Heart Eyes For Disney" Dog Basket

Perhaps your dog loves Disney just as much as you. If that's the case, fill their boo basket with fun surprises from The Nightmare Before Christmas, like a Zero dog toy ($15, and Jack Skellington treats ($10, Don't forget to include a costume or two of their favorite Disney characters ($18, and a spirit jersey ($25, for a #twinning lewk.

The "Pawsitively Insta Famous" Dog Basket

If your dog's Instagram game is strong, curate a boo basket that's absolutely picture-perfect. Include a cute fall sweater ($25, and a dog beanie ($10, that'll keep your pup cozy and give their followers all the heart eyes. Wrap up your pooch's surprises in a pumpkin dog bed ($26, that's ready for a close-up.

The "Don't Mind Me, Cozy As Can Be" Dog Basket

Your dog loves to nap. Who could blame them? Make sure they're extra cozy this season with the essentials, such as a furry blanket ($119, and knit sweater ($20, While you enjoy a pumpkin spice latte in your fave mug, your dog can chew on an adorable "bark brew" dog toy ($12,

The "Here For The Tricks And Treats" Dog Basket

Your pup loves tricks and treats, so it's fitting that their boo basket would be filled with snacks. Include a mix of your pup's faves, such as peanut butter and jelly treats ($8, and pumpkin-flavored bones ($10, To round out this boo basket, add a Dogritos Chips dog toy ($8,, pizza dog costume ($23,, or festive dog bowl ($5,

The "Best Furry Friend" Dog Basket

Your dog is your BFF (best furry friend), and this boo basket reflects that. Include a Halloween dog bandana and face mask set ($10, Complete the vibe with a matching necklace and collar charm ($22,, plus a matching set of hoodies ($20, to wear on your daily walks.

The "Furry Fall Foliage Walks" Dog Basket

Strolls with your pup are especially sweet in the fall, so put together a boo basket that incorporates the daily walk essentials. Purchase a good leash ($65, that can go hands-free, so you're able to snap pics of your pup while holding a PSL. Add in a portable dog bowl ($8,, a faux suede coat ($10,, or a holiday dog feast ($7, for a post-walk treat.

The "Fangtastic Hallweenie" Dog Basket

Get your pup in the spirit of the season with this Halloween-themed basket. Include spooky accessories like a trick-or-treat bandana ($7,, a batty dog collar ($14,, and adorable Halloween plush toys ($11, Don't forget to include a classic movie monster costume ($19, like a werewolf, so your dog can dress the part.