Captions for Monday

34 Instagram Captions For Monday That'll Start Your Week Off Right

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If you could hit "snooze" on Mondays, you totally would. When your alarm goes off on those mornings, it practically slams the door on the weekend and any hope of catching up on sleep. It also signals another week with new to-dos, putting you in a whole #mood. To help you deal with your case of the Monday blues, check out these captions for Monday that'll help kick your week off on at least one right note.

Your first thought on Monday probably sounds something like, "I can't even." Then, you may lay in bed and squeeze in a few TikToks to jump-start your day. If it takes you a few cups of coffee and some extra cuddles from your furry friend to start feeling like a human again, you'll definitely see yourself reflected in these captions about Mondays.

Despite all the weary new-week feels, your Monday grind is real and it makes your Friday fun extra rewarding. Even if you don't check off everything on your list, getting through your Mondays is something to be proud of. Why not show it off? You can toast to yourself with a studious or sleepy selfie paired with any of these captions for Monday and watch as the relatable comments roll in.

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1. "Ah, Monday. We meet again."

2. "Double tap if you made it out of bed today."

3. "This is my Monday face."

4. "Grinding through Monday like."

5. "To sleep or not to sleep today."

5. "Mood for Monday."

6. "Wake me up when it's Friday."

7. "BRB, TikToking through the week."

8. "We got this, y'all."

9. "Guess how many times I reset my alarm today."

10. "Another coffee? Don't mind if I do."

11. "Mondays are officially canceled."

12. "Starting the weekday on the right foot."

13. "Bring it on, Monday."

14. "Error 404: Weekend not found."

15. "A typical Monday mess-around."

16. "Keep the Monday blues away, drink coffee."

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17. "New week, new me."

18. "This Monday has me week."

19. "Mondays, am I right?"

20. "Mo' Mondays, mo' problems."

21. "When you realize how far away Friday is."

22. "On Mondays, we get this bread."

23. "Rise and shine, it's Monday."

24. "Coffee is just Monday's medicine."

25. "LMK when Monday's over."

26. "If you're looking for a sign you can get your work done today, this is it."

27. "Let's hear it for Motivational Mondays."

28. "We all deserve a round of applause for making it through another Monday."

29. "Hey Monday, can you not?"

30. "Wakes up, sees that it's Monday, goes back to bed."

31. "Monday mornings < literally anything else."

32. "May this selfie bless your start to the week."

33. "Work like it's Monday, dress like it's Friday."

34. "Margarita Mondays, anyone?"