A young couple takes a winter hike with binoculars on a cloudy day.

32 Insta Captions For Winter Hiking Pics & Looking So Chill

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There's nothing quite as exhilarating as a winter hike in the freshly-fallen snow. Although this type of excursion can be chilly, it lets you take a break from working at home, breathe in the fresh air, and be your most adventurous self. As you explore the local trails, you'll also get to snuggle up in front of your camera and take photos that are so worthy of these Instagram captions for winter hiking pictures.

Right now, you're probably not getting much new content to post outside of your living space. Since the coronavirus pandemic is still a daily reality, you're opting to stay at home and save your travel plans for a later date when it's safe to travel again. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travel guidelines, which were updated on Dec. 2, 2020, advise to stay home in order to protect yourself and others from potentially spreading and/or contracting the coronavirus.

For winter hikes, this means postponing travel and wearing a mask if you decide to hike a local trail. Be sure to check out the trail's website to be in the know of any additional rules or restrictions, and bring hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol so you can disinfect your hands frequently. Find frost-covered trees in a not so crowded area to take a photo of, or pose with a snowball in a magical and quiet part of the woods.

When you get home, don't even bother putting a filter on those pictures, as they'll be stunning just the way they are. Focus on captions for winter hikes instead, that are witty, cute, and totally chill.

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1. "On top of the wintery world."

2. "Taking life one snowy step at a time."

3. "There's nowhere to go but up."

4. "Feeling like I'm on the cover of 'folklore'."

5. "So, I go on hikes now."

6. "Another day, another hiking trail."

7. "Manifesting a backyard that looks like this."

8. "Update: I found a hidden gem today."

9. "My favorite view will always include you."

10. "Taken on the chillest Saturday afternoon."

11. "Today's workout? Done."

12. "Love you to the top of this mountain and back."

13. "Snowflakin' on work to go hiking."

14. "There's snow place like the outdoors."

15. "Tired of snow, but never tired of these views."

16. "Before you ask if I'm cold, the answer is yes."

17. "Are you Yeti to see some pictures from my hike?"

18. "Winter hike photo dump!"

19. "Logging off. Be back later."

20. "This is your reminder to take a deep, cleansing breath."

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21. "The world is filled with so many beautiful places."

22. "Tree is company."

23. "Snowflake kisses."

24. "Hikes like this will always give me butterflies."

25. "I'm sorry for the things I said at the uphill part."

26. "Just wanted to show off my new hiking 'fit."

27. "Snow, snow, and more snow."

28. "Happy to report that I saw multiple dogs on this hike."

29. "Happiest wherever I can wear hiking shoes."

30. "Big fan of snowy trees."

31. "Smitten in my hiking shoes and mittens."

32. "Baby, it's literally freezing outside."

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