A happy couple dances in their bright home on Valentine's Day.

32 Captions For Valentine's Day With Your Sweetheart That Are Silly & Cute

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It's time to grab your boo, pour some bubbly, and prepare for Valentine's Day. Whether you and your quarantine cutie take a virtual yoga class or enjoy an indoor picnic, you’ll want to show off the sweet time you have at home. To do so, be sure to post the best picture of your V-Day plan on Instagram. Your partner will be touched AF when they see your snap paired with one of these Instagram captions for Valentine's Day with your sweetheart.

Celebrating this romantic date will be quite different this year, because you're staying in with your quarantine partner and following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) holiday tips. The CDC notes that remaining home for holidays and events can help avoid potentially contracting and/or spreading the coronavirus. But, just because you're not going out, that doesn't mean your V-day can't be rosy.

From preparing hot chocolate bombs together to mastering TikTok couples challenges, there are so many silly and loving moments to experience and share on Insta. You can snap a photo while smearing cookie dough on your partner’s nose to make your followers LOL, or take a picture of bae belting out their favorite karaoke jam. Don’t forget to pair your snaps with some creative Instagram captions for Valentine’s Day, like, “I love you dough very much,” or, “Volume up for this serenade.” A sweet picture paired with a witty caption will be worth a thousand hearts on your feed.

Sparks will fly however you spend this special day at home with your partner. Even your followers will feel the love and laughter when they see your SO's karaoke moves paired with these Instagram captions for Valentine's Day.

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1. "You should cook for me more often."

2. "I love you dough very much."

3. "Hot chocolate bombs, please."

4. "I only have heart eyes for you."

5. "Getting cozy on the couch with my cutie."

6. "The spaghetti to my meatballs."

7. "I never liked all the cheesy date stuff until I met you."

8. "I love you... just not your cooking."

9. "You're my wine and only."

10. "Volume up for this serenade."

11. "So many heart eyes."

12. "Can't believe how far we've gone since quarantine."

13. "A pic of the sweetest person on the sweetest day."

14. "I still have a crush on you."

15. "To my TikTok dance partner-in-crime."

16. "Slow dances in the kitchen with you."

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17. "We cook, we laugh, we love."

18. "V-Day karaoke for the win."

19. "Love you more than cookie dough."

20. "My Valentine and some wine."

21. "Thank you for putting up with me."

22. "Loving you is easy."

23. "Matching bathrobes, because #couplegoals."

24. "My quarantine cutie."

25. "Endlessly wooed by you."

26. "Just enjoying the view."

27. "My love, my everything."

28. "You inspire me always."

29. "Just a little love note to my love."

30. "Can't believe I'm not sick of you yet."

31. "BRB, staring adoringly at my lovey."

32. "Love bugs."