Penelop Featherington from 'Bridgerton' sits on the floor with a dog, while Marina and Colin talk.

These Penelope Quotes From 'Bridgerton' Are Sweet & Salty Captions For Your Feed


Poor Penelope Featherington. She watches the guy she's crushing on fall hard for another woman, her best friend is preoccupied in trying to uncover the true identity of Lady Whistledown, and her mother is, well, her mother. While your life might not be as dramatic, you may find yourself relating to Miss Penelope, which is why you could use some Penelope Bridgerton quotes for Instagram captions.

Played by Nicola Coughlan, Penelope quickly became a fan favorite and someone you would want to be besties with. However, crossing her would not be wise, as anyone who's finished marathon-watching the first season of Bridgerton knows what could potentially happen. Penelope's sweet, but salty attitude is everything that makes her a great character, so why not use a few of her lines to caption your daily life?

Use one of these Penelope Bridgerton quotes the next time you wear a colorful yellow #OOTD since that was her mother's chosen color for her. You could also use a sweet line for a cute selfie with the Eloise to your Penelope while enjoying chocolates and relaxing on the couch. Any of these 40 Penelope Bridgerton quotes could even work if you're crushing hard and want to be noticed by the Colin Bridgerton in your life. Now that the quotes have been presented to you, all that's left is to find the right caption that suits your Penelope-inspired pic.


1. "She said, 'With love.'"

2. "Share something good."

3. "A fine enough husband I think."

4. "Next season will be far more interesting."

5. "This plan of yours, I find it wanting."

6. "You must not do this to a good man."

7. "I am out in society. Therefore, I have more important, mature things to worry about."

8. "Do not pity me, either."

9. "You can choose anyone but him."

10. "Trust she knows when she is being managed."

11. "Do not mock me."

12. "Not yellow enough, I think."

13. "Excuse me, mama, might I go promenade for suitors?"

14. "How convenient."

15. "You were so keen to travel."


16. "I would never bring scandal on you."

17. "My mother swears we are ruined."

18. "I've not had a caller in three days."

19. "That certainly is an impressive feat."

20. "One finds oneself in such an incredible position, and, well, one should declare it... assuredly, fervently, loudly."

21. "I cannot condone your actions."

22. "I have seen their love letters."

23. "It's a rather delicate matter."

24. "She makes a fool of him already."

25. "They grew up in neighboring properties in the country."

26. "Even they could not get it perfect."

27. "Might I have a word?"

28. "She loves him still."

29. "I thought you should know before it was too late."

30. "Her heart belongs to another."