Eloise from 'Bridgerton' lounges with chocolates in a fancy dress.

These Eloise Quotes From 'Bridgerton' Double As The Wittiest Instagram Captions


What's not to love about Eloise Bridgerton? She's deeply loyal to her family, smart, and determined to follow the right path for her. Every time you marathon watch Bridgerton, you can't help but admire Eloise's desire to do what's right. So, the next time you're spilling the tea on your feed, consider pairing your content with any of these Eloise Bridgerton quotes for Instagram captions to give your followers something to talk about.

Like Eloise, you love feeding your imagination with a good book, and having a friend by your side to gossip with. The next time you do some reading, snap a selfie gazing insightfully at a page and pair it with a whip-smart caption from Eloise. Or, complement an outfit picture with one of Eloise's motivational quotes. Your followers will enjoy an unbothered, somewhat sassy post of you eating chocolates, and they'll love it even more when it's paired with an Eloise quote.

The best part? Any of these Eloise quotes will totally complete the vibe when paired with a photo of you wearing your best #regencycore 'fit. Shine a spotlight on your style with any of these Eloise Bridgerton quotes for Instagram captions ASAP.


1. "If you desire the sun and the moon, all you have to do is go out and shoot at the sky."

2. "We have accomplishments to acquire."

3. "Do it. Be bold."

4. "Go on, then. Chastise me."

5. "I have a theory."

6. "I truly believe I am quite capable of something more."

7. "You wish to follow your heart, and I wish to nurture my mind."

8. "You must make haste."

9. "I write in my diary which is not the same as writing in my novel."

10. "Must our only options be to squawk and settle or to never leave the nest?"


11. "Perhaps you should like to paint a picture."

12. "You would actually have to be interesting for me to bother spying on you."

13. "What if I want to fly?"

14. "You are my most favorite brother. Do you know that?"

15. "Perhaps you are Lady Whistledown."

16. "It was quite a distinction."

17. "Love? That doesn't stand to reason."

18. "A young lady could never have too many dresses."

19. "Suppose I desire something different."

20. "It would make me look quite in fashion."