The things people learned about their partners while in quarantine are downright hilarious.
These 30 People Learned The Wildest Things About Their SOs During Quarantine


Without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable aspects of dating someone is getting to know those strange but lovable quirks that make them who they are. The quickest way to discover all of these idiosyncrasies, of course, is to live together — and many couples have opted to move in together as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Let's just say that some of the hilarious things people learned about their partners while in quarantine — from hidden talents to hoarding tendencies — are super relatable, and at the very least, LOL-worthy.

It’s normal to learn new things about your SO once you start cohabiting, but quarantining together presents a unique set of circumstances that’s ripe for even more enlightenment. Not only are you sharing a living space (likely in addition to a workspace), but both of you are also literally never leaving it. Not to mention, you’re forced to cope with the stressors relating to the pandemic together — including, but not limited to, a possible toilet paper shortage. With all of those pitfalls, however, come some definite perks. Having your SO by your side while binge-watching Tiger King, or venting about your work-from-home woes, or whipping up a creative feast with all those canned goods is honestly comforting AF. Plus, you may learn a thing or two about each other you'd never have otherwise known if you weren't hunkered down together.

As they say, the more you know, the more you grow — and these Twitter users are picking up some game-changing knowledge from quarantine life.

*Unusual* Eating Strategies
Adorable Phobias
Special Skills
Poor Grocery Shopping Choices
Questionable Taste In Movies
Questionable Taste In Beverages
Irritating Habits
Basic Info
Unfortunate Inclinations
Controversial Pronunciations
Inconvenient Shortcomings
Alter Egos
Regrettable Lingo
Hoarding Habits
...More Hoarding Habits
Inconsiderate Tendencies
Hidden Quirks
Aggressive Typing
Hilarious Perplexities
Couldn't-Care-Less Outfits
Secret Talents
Suspicious Preferences
Maddening Practices
Clever Tactics
*Unique* Morning Routines
Strange Self-Imposed Rules
Stolen Humor
Unusual Collections
Remarkable Self-Control
Hilarious Superpowers