Tweets about 'Tiger King'

'Tiger King' Is A Wild Ride & The Tweets About It Are Equally Chaotic


If you've seen Tiger King, you know it's action-packed from beginning to end. Of course, you might originally think it's a documentary series about a zoo, or tigers in captivity... and you'd be right about that. But there's so much more to the show — including plot twists, an ensemble of wildly unique characters (who, yes, are real people), and even a couple of murder investigations — that really make this show marathon-worthy. Here's some of the best tweets about Tiger King that perfectly capture how audiences are dealing with what might just be the most out-there documentary on Netflix to date.

There's a lot to take in when watching Tiger King. It provides a look into the world of the exotic wildlife industry, but the events that unfolded while filming the docuseries seemed to come as a shock to even the people making it. It was a right place, right time situation for capturing the chaos in the life of private zoo-owner Joseph Schreibvogel (aka Joe Exotic, aka "Tiger King"), and the events that led to his arrest and prison sentence.

With all that goes on in the show, people were quick to take to social media and comment on the bedlam, resulting in some of the most relatable tweets on the internet right now.

Viewers had a lot to say about Exotic's rival, Carole Baskin, particularly after Exotic suggested she killed her husband, who disappeared years prior to the events in the doc.

But Baskin's storyline wasn't even the main event. Soon, viewers found out Joe was facing other allegations.

Between the zoo drama, Joe's musical career, Baskin's catchphrases, a run for political office, and all the, ahem, unique hairstyles, there was plenty for viewers to comment on.

All in all, the show was a wild ride that kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout.

Tiger King is on Netflix now.