30 Clever Captions For Secret Santa Exchanges & Taking #Elfies With Your Best Friends

Word on the street is that your Secret Santa is coming town. Yes, she checked her list once, twice, and decided you've been nice. So, you should be expecting a present underneath your tree any day now. Full disclosure: This package won't show up at your doorstep alone. No, it'll be in the hands of one of your best friends, and have the cutest candy cane attached to the bow. You'll immediately squeal at the aroma of the chocolate and peanut butter cookies, and think to yourself, "This truly is the most magical time of the year." Before you start opening presents and taking #elfies with your best friends, though, let me give you some clever captions for Secret Santa exchanges. They're necessary for posting your merriest pictures on social media.

Leading up to your gift exchange, the stress is always a little real. You want to find the perfect present, and not break the bank at the same time. Not to mention, you're facing the crowds at the mall and trying not to get your tinsel — or even worse, your Christmas lights — in a tangle.

So, you take it one step at a time. You look for coupons and scope out the big sales online before even getting in your car. You take into consideration experience gifts you can buy, because let's be honest: Your best friend doesn't really need more "stuff." Then, you start making some moves, grabbing wrapping paper and candy bars while you shop and jingle all the way.

Wrapping up your present is a breeze, thanks to all of that time you spent with your mom during the holidays, learning how to fold the paper and make ribbon look all nice and curly. Now, all that's left is that moment when you get together with your best friends and participate in Secret Santa. During the festivities, you're bound to take and post a few pictures on social media, and will need one of these 30 captions. Consider them my present to you, OK?

Jovana Rikalo/Stocksy

1. "Be good or I will text your Secret Santa."

2. "Dear Secret Santa: I've been good all year."

3. "Pick a name, get a present."

4. "My Secret Santa and I were peppermint to be."

5. "Secret Santa is here, bringing good cheer."

6. "We go together like presents and Christmas trees."

7. "The tree's not the only thing getting lit this year."

8. "Secret Santa is coming to town."

9. "Oh, what fun!" — James Pierpont, "Jingle Bells"

10. "Probably up to snow good."

11. "Tell my Secret Santa that all I want for Christmas is food."

12. "Oh, deer. It's already time for Secret Santa!"


13. "Please refer to my Pinterest boards for a wish list this year."

14. "Jingle bells and gift exchanges with my besties."

15. "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. But if the white runs out, I'll drink the red."

16. "The jolliest bunch of elves you'll ever find."

17. "I like hanging (ornaments) with all of you."

18. "I love my Secret Santa from my head to my mistletoes."

19. "My best friends make my heart so merry."

20. "I know you love plants, so I made sure that your gift didn't succ."

21. "Can somebody pass the prosec-ho ho ho?"

22. "All the jingle ladies getting together for a gift exchange."

23. "Before we open presents, let's take an #elfie."

24. "My Secret Santa sleighs all day."

Jovana Rikalo/Stocksy

25. "Sleigh what?"

26. "Like snowflakes and presents, my best friends are one of a kind."

27. "Chilling with my snow-mies and exchanging gifts."

28. "Got presents?"

29. "Let's make it a December to remember."

30. "Merry everything and a happy always."

These witty words might be better than what's on your wish list. Oh well! Your Secret Santa is in town, and you're more than excited to take a few #elfies. You're going to sip some hot chocolate, dish the latest tea, and sing your favorite Christmas songs with your best friends. Soon enough, it'll be New Year's Eve, and you'll need to make some resolutions for your best year yet.