8 Best Experience Gifts You Can Give To People Who Don't Like "Stuff"

Bonninstudio, Stocksy

It's the holiday season, which means one thing: You're trying to find a perfect present for everyone on your list. You're running to the mall in search of a cute sweater for your mom, and scoping out the latest tech products for your best friend. (Do you think she needs another new pair of headphones? Help!) Truth is, as great as "stuff" can be, it's getting pretty #overrated. Let's face it: Your older sister doesn't want the same 'ole mugs and planners. The best experience gifts are on the top of their lists, because they'd rather make some memories than rack up more "stuff."

When you think about it, these kind of gifts can be a lot more meaningful and fun to pick out. They show the people you love that you pay attention to their passions and interests. Not to mention, after taking a pasta-making class or going zip-lining at an adventure park, your best friend will have a thousand stories and pictures to share. (You can't put a price tag on those!)

Grabbing tickets to a concert, scoring a sweet deal on a surf lesson, or wrapping up a girls' night at a paint and wine bar are all great options for gifts, too. But, these eight experiences will truly be what your best friend who doesn't like "stuff" is looking for underneath the tree. Ready, set, shop!

A Set Of Croissants To Bake With Someone Special

Your best friend is totally obsessed with spending time in the kitchen. She's been whipping up gingerbread men and other Christmas cookies for months now, and rarely makes a dinner that isn't Food Network-worthy.

For the holidays, get her a set of croissants that she can make with her significant other — or you! She'll get to share her passion with someone she loves and get a couple sweet treats out of it, too.

A Guide To Social Media And Getting Started On One's Dream Job

The holidays tend to include making resolutions for the new year, and your best friend is a serious goal-getter. She's been talking about how she wants to start her own business or become a social media influencer, but just needs some extra inspiration to start. That's where your gift comes in.

Give your best friend this guide from content creator and influencer Jaci Marie. It'll help her kickstart her dreams, grow a personal brand, and create exciting, new experiences for herself.

A Ticket To A Comedy Show In New York City

Laughter is arguably the best gift you can give your best friend. It's what brought you two together, after all. You may have been crying over a scene from your favorite sitcom, or an inside joke that nobody else would understand. Getting tickets to a comedy show in New York City is the next hilarious adventure that you're looking for.

There are all sorts of venues and comedians you can see. So, take the time to find the right one that will leave your best friend in happy tears. She might not expect to receive this experience, but will totally love it.

A Pass To Enjoy The Magic Kingdom After Hours

Your bestie's obsession with Disney started the first time she saw Cinderella's Castle glow in Magic Kingdom. The fireworks illuminated the sky, and she was in complete and utter awe. It's been way too long since she's been back to experience the magic.

This holiday season, gift her a pass that gives her access to her favorite rides, well after the park has been closed. This is an exclusive experience, meant for the Minnie and Mickey Mouse wannabes on your list, like your best friend.

An Afternoon Of Kayaking

You'd love to give your best friend a couple of plane tickets to Bali or Thailand this year, but unfortunately, your bank account is shaking its head and saying, "Yeah, no." So, you need some creative and cool excursions that someone who loves to travel and experience the world would — well, love!

Thanks to Airbnb, there are a ton of afternoon adventures you can book, including this kayaking excursion in La Jolla. Your bestie will get to ride amongst the waves and paddle her way into new memories.

A Class On How To Make Your Own Bath Salts

Relaxation is the name of the game, especially after the holidays. Everyone on your list, including your best friend, is likely exhausted from shopping and cramming in the extra work before the holidays. Hitting the "pause" button is so #necessary.

Your bestie will be grateful to see this experience underneath the tree. It's a class that teaches her how to make her own bath salts, and then lets her take them home. Long story short: The dreamiest and most refreshing memories await.

A Waffle Maker For Cozy Winter Mornings At Home

Getting a gift that involves breakfast food is always a good idea. (Should I repeat that for the people pouring their syrup in the back?) And this mini waffle maker will put the biggest smile on your best friend's face from the second she tears off the wrapping paper.

It's perfect, because she's the morning person in your life and loves to brunch. On any given Saturday morning, you can catch her cooking up French toast, bacon, and eggs. But, let's be honest: With a waffle maker in-hand, those cozy winter mornings at home just got a serious upgrade.

A Witty Game To Play With A Group Of Friends

Your best friend loves hanging out with your entire crew. She's the one who sends texts in the group message, making and coordinating plans for the weekend. She always makes sure to stay in touch, and is a social butterfly by definition.

So, when you're picking out an experience gift for her, consider the What Do You Meme game. This card game is sure to create a lot of laughs at the next hangout, and is the perfect experience to put underneath the tree.