The Top Hair Color Trends For Summer Are All About Looking Effortlessly Cool, So Sign Me Up

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New season, new hair, new me! Summer is here, folks, and with this in mind, I'm as-per-usual on the hunt for my next great dye job. To make things easier, I've asked professional hairstylists and colorists what they think the top summer 2019 hair color trends will be, but TBH, their responses only complicated my decision-making process, because there's a lot of great options to choose from right now. Should I try a bright color and do a dip-dyed look? What about amping up my creamy blonde highlights? Do I take the plunge and return to my natural dark brown roots? Read on for the season's top trends, and pls help me decide.

Dip-Dyed Ends

By far, the biggest hair color trend spotted on celebs this season is dip-dyed ends, according to Michelle Gonzalez, a hairstylist at Mimi's Salon in Belmar, NJ. "It's something that anyone can do," says Gonzalez, since it doesn't require bleaching the whole head. "For more of a pastel on the ends your hair would need to be super light," she explains, "But there's a color for everyone's hair and a it's fun thing to do in the summer."

Taylor Swift began her new Me! era with dip-dyed light blonde-to-pink locks, which she's worn everywhere from magazine covers to her 2019 Billboard Music Awards performance:

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"People with darker hair that don't want to lighten their hair too much could do a a deep red," Gonzalez says, as seen on Charli XCX at this year's Met Gala. "A dark purple would also be good for darker hair tones," she adds.

Charli XCX and her sleek, dark brown-to-red bob proved that the dip-dye look can be totally ~high fashion~:

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To get the look requires lightening up the bottom few inches of your strands and adding some colorful dye. Plus, when you're over it, a haircut can eliminate any signs of the dip-dyed color that once was. For a look like Swift's, the Splat Naturals Semi-Permanent Pink Hair Dye ($15, should do the trick, and for Charli XCX's reddish vibes, the same stuff in Red ($15, is juuuust right.

Creamy Blonde

For a while now, winter white and platinum blonde strands have been everywhere, but according to Linda De Zeeuw, Master Stylist and color specialist at Rob Peetoom Salon in Williamsburg, NY, that's about to change. De Zeeuw says that lately, tons of her clients are asking for more ~natural~ blonde dye jobs, with warm, creamy tones.

Think Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, and Jasmine Sanders when it comes to these light, sandy shades:

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"Last year it was all about cool tones, but now we see the trend where the hair looks more natural and healthy," says De Zeeuw. "The light colour trend for this spring is warm creamy tones with fresh accents," she explains.

@ Platinum Blonde Khloé, if you're reading this, it's time to revisit this beachy blonde lewk!

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Back to Brown

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Honestly, it's been a minute since a popular hair trend didn't require hairpainting, balayage, or some sort of bleaching, but De Zeeuw predicts a head of solid chocolate brown will make a comeback this season. "The full-coverage dark brunettes are back on trend," she insists. As an Italian with a head of naturally brown strands that books herself a balayage appointment every few months, I'm kind of relieved.

There's something statement and sexy about a shock of dark hair, you know?

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Plus, Beyonce just went brunette, so if she says it's a trend on the rise, I'm calling my colorist ASAP:

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IDK whether I'll stick with my creamy blonde balayage, go back to my natural brunette, or opt for dip-dyed ends a la my 15-year-old self, but I'm really loving the variety of options this season! It just goes to show that, no matter what your personal hair goals are, your strands can easily be on trend this summer.