I Tried Out The Sand Hair Trend & It's The Easiest Summer Color Ever

With so many hair color trends popping up here and there, I often find that my color fits what's hot right now without my even realizing I'm "on trend." Call it good luck and a great colorist! Exhibit A, the sand hair color trend, a look I've been rocking for the past few months and high key intend to continue sporting all summer long. It's by hair the easiest blonde balayaged hair look I've ever tried out, and considering summer is the season during which I tend to opt for a more lazy, low-maintenance beauty routine, it really fits the bill. If you've got a salon appointment coming up and want to give your strands a refresh, read on for all the deets about why a sandy balayage might be your new fave color.

I first heard the sand hair color term coined by the always-on-the-pulse beauty team over at Allure, who credit Christine McMillen, hair colorist and founder of Love, Dunette, with mastering the beachy color just so. To get the look, McMillen used a hand-painted balayage technique to create a multidimensional color that she tells Allure took her two and a half hours to nail. If you've ever sat in a salon getting your blonde refreshed for the better part of the day (Which can feel like a century!), you know two hours is pretty damn fast.

Here's what McMillen's sandy blonde balayage looks like. Swoon:

After I saw it, I had a thrilling realization. I, too, had a sandy blonde balayage! Who knew?

Courtesy of Michelle Gonzalez

I'd never used the word "sand" to describe my desired shade whilst at the salon, but it perfectly encapsulates the look I like. Multitonal, not too flat, and the perfect bronde that looks light and beachy, but still dark enough to flatter my almost-black roots without needing a touchup every month. It's by far the most low-maintenance bronde I've ever had.

Who has the time and energy to get their hair done regularly during the summer? The sand color trend looks natural and wears well over time, so you can spend more of yours outside the salon:

Courtesy of Michelle Gonzalez

I got my color done at Mimi's Salon in Belmar, New Jersey, by my go-to colorist, Michelle Gonzalez. She creates a sandy bronde for clients on an almost weekly basis:

The key is getting a blonde tone that's just ashy enough, without losing that sunny warmth in the process:

And spoiler alert, this shade looks good on just about everybody:

My number one tip if you do choose to try out the sand hair color trend this season? Be sure you're giving your locks the proper care they need, since a little bleach and a lot of sun can still cause damage over time. I always reach for a replenishing hair mask or conditioner, like the Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner ($35,, which has saved my strands time and time again. When I'm showing off my sand hair in the actual sand, aka at the beach, I always bring the Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray ($30,, a leave-in conditioner that protects my dye job from the sun's UV rays. Like I said, sandy bronde is ideal for summer because it's so low-maintenance, but showing your hair a little love will help the shade last even longer — and look even more amazing.