The Myers-Briggs personalities who will never break your heart tend to be Feelers and Judgers.
3 Personality Types Who Will Never Break Your Heart, So Rest Easy


If you've ever had your heart broken, you know the acute devastation that can result from this experience, and how difficult the healing process can be. Unfortunately, romantic disappointment isn't something you can avoid entirely — after all, there are always risks involved in relationships, as no one can control or predict how they will play out. That said, it's worth pointing out the particular Myers-Briggs personalities who will never break your heart. These are the types of partners you can count on to always look out for your emotional well-being.

The Introversion/Extroversion and Sensing/Intuition preferences don't seem to have a significant impact on this quality. However, Feelers may be less likely to break your heart than Thinkers given that they always take your feelings into account when making decisions about the relationship. Additionally, Judgers are more likely to think through the consequences of their actions rather than act spontaneously, which means if they do decide that a breakup makes sense, they will have given much consideration to why, as well as how, when, and where to execute it. That level of forethought allows them to ensure that a split is as painless as possible.

Of course, breaking someone's heart is not always intentional. But three Myers-Briggs types will likely do everything in their power to protect your heart, even if you ultimately wind up parting ways.


One thing will quickly become abundantly clear while dating an ISFJ: This personality type is extremely concerned with your health, well-being, and happiness. They're known as the Defender for a reason — they feel it’s their duty to nurture you and keep you safe. These compassionate caretakers are driven by a strong sense of responsibility, particularly in terms of meeting others’ needs. They want you to know that you can depend on them, and they’ll stop at nothing to prove it.

ISFJs value committed relationships very highly, and as such, they make a constant effort to maintain harmony with their significant others. Part of this is because they tend to avoid confrontation and conflict, but another part of it is that they dislike change in general. They will protect what’s familiar at all costs — that's why they're unlikely to break your heart by suddenly leaving, cheating, or otherwise blindsiding you.

Warm, altruistic ISFJs follow the “golden rule,” and treat their loved ones the way they want to be treated. Since they're true empaths through and through, breaking your heart would break theirs — so they’ll do whatever they can to prevent that.

While the ISFJ sometimes struggle with expressing their feelings, you can always count on them to keep yours in mind. These devoted, considerate partners will always think beyond their desires when making decisions about the relationship. (Sign me up, please and thank you.)


Like their introverted counterparts, ESFJs make highly empathetic and responsible partners. But what makes them stand out is their rock-solid loyalty — once they've committed to you, nothing can distract them or make them stray from your all-important bond.

The Consul has a strong moral compass, and they use it to guide every choice they make in relationships.They're unlikely to be reckless when it comes to your feelings because underlying their decisions is a sense of what's right and wrong.

Stability and security are extremely important to the ESFJ, which is why they'd rather put in the effort to build a long-term relationship rather than hop from person to person. Once they're in a committed relationship, they're all about preserving the status quo. In fact, they can be pretty conflict-averse, so they'll go out of their way to keep the peace with their partner.

One of The Consul's downfalls is that they tend to care too much what other people think of them — especially their loved ones. But the upside of this is that they care deeply about their partner's feelings, and they're extra careful not to hurt or offend them in any way.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a personality type that eagerly offers up more TLC to their significant other. The ENFJ thrives in a loving, long-term relationship, and since they tend to think far into the future, these planning-minded individuals are pretty selective when it comes to finding a partner. That said, once they do find “the one,” they’re supportive and reliable AF.

The Protagonist also hates letting people down. So, if they’ve made a commitment to a partner, they’ll do whatever’s in their power to see it through. This personality type is immensely diplomatic; it’s next to impossible for them to walk away from a situation without making sure that everyone feels heard, valued, and cared for. So, even if your ENFJ partner believes you need some time apart or has decided to end the relationship, they’ll break the news in the most compassionate way possible.

But the top reason why an ENFJ is unlikely to break your heart? They're hyper in tune with your feelings, and strongly consider your reaction when making decisions — all thanks to their dominant function, Extroverted Feeling. They constantly check the pulse of the relationship to make sure you're happy. They can also quickly and easily tell when something is wrong, and that insight allows them to address any potential issues lurking under the surface before they cause any damage. Their Feeling preference allows them to read your emotions as well as empathize with them — they have a unique ability to feel what you’re feeling. So, they’ll be hesitant to hurt you in any way. Doing so would also be detrimental to their own well-being, too.