3 Personality Types Who Are Smooth Talkers On Dating Apps, So Look Out

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There’s something magical about those effortless first interactions with a dating app match, when they seem to say all the right things and ask the perfect questions to propel the convo forward. You haven’t even met them IRL yet, but it’s as if they just get you. Whether you know it or not, there are certain Myers-Briggs personality types who are smooth talkers. And obviously, this quality gives them a major advantage on dating apps.

Let’s break it down by individual traits. The Thinking/Feeling and Judging/Perceiving preferences don’t seem to have a significant weight in terms of someone’s digital conversation skills. And although Extroverts may occasionally have a leg-up when it comes to flirting in real-life social situations, app interactions are different, they arguably come with less pressure for Introverts, allowing them to flirt up a storm. On the other hand, Intuitives tend to be a tad more talkative than Sensors, and that verbal prowess obviously come in handy when striking up a convo with a match. For example, ENFJs and ENTJs are known for their off-the-chart communication skills due to their Extroverted Intuitive function, which allows them to read people super well. Similarly, ENFPs have a knack for listening and making someone feel heard, understood, and special.

With all of that in mind, take note — because these personality types have some serious game when it comes to chatting up a storm on dating apps.


Without a doubt, it’s The Entertainer’s boundless confidence that makes them stand out in the online dating realm. This outgoing and energetic type will never hesitate to be the first to message you, pose a bold question, ask for your number, or make plans to meet up IRL. And as their nickname suggests, ESFPs have a knack for keeping people amused and engaged. Their charm and charisma even comes across in a digital discussion.

Their natural creativity comes into play here, too. The ESFP is unlikely to message you with something basic, like "hey, what's up?" — they’re far too original for that. And since they’re always willing to step out of their comfort zone, no topic is off-limits, meaning there are limitless possibilities for where your conversations could go. That’s sure to keep things interesting.

The ESFP can be a little unfocused and gets easily bored — which means they may be prone to pulling a disappearing act if the convo starts to feel mundane. But as long as you can show the same level of enthusiasm and keep them guessing with your own thought-provoking quips and questions, you’re sure to maintain their interest.


This personality type’s secret weapon is their razor-sharp wit. Somehow, they always manage to come up with a comment that’s clever AF, and the combination of their intellect and their refreshing, out-of-the-box perspectives on a range of topics can be insanely attractive. Thanks to a limitless natural curiosity, they never run out of things to say.

It’s worth noting that they have a tendency to play Devil’s Advocate — hence their nickname, The Debater. So, as long as you can handle a complex conversation with a little heat (and agree to disagree), you may actually find their banter to be charming.

ENTPs are quick thinkers, so they can easily help to maintain the momentum of a dating app conversation. And since they have an innate ability to draw connections and see patterns between different ideas, they can effortlessly hop from one topic to the next. This self-assured personality type hardly has a filter, so they may come across as blunt at times. However, their directness can be a major advantage in dating app interactions, because you won’t have to guess whether they’re interested in you, and you can rest assured that when they want to meet IRL, they’ll make it happen.


Empathetic, friendly, and easy-going, the INFJ is a people person through and through, so it’s easy to see why they tend to win people over in dating app conversations. But what gives them the ability to forge deep connections so quickly is that they’re highly insightful and perceptive, thanks to their Introverted Intuitive function. That means can pick up on the subtlest of signals, and then adapt their approach as needed to make sure you feel comfortable while also maintaining your interest.

If there’s one thing the INFJ hates, it’s small talk. So, as long as you’re down to get deep with your discussions, you’ll likely appreciate their passion, conviction, and emotional honesty — in fact, they have a smooth way of inspiring you to unexpectedly drop your guard and get real. The best part? You don’t typically have to worry whether an INFJ is trying to play you. They’re about as altruistic and sincere as it gets, so if they’re laying on the charm, it’s because they genuinely feel a connection.

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