3 Hotel Sex Moves That Will Make Your Next Vacation Almost Too Hot To Handle

Judging solely by the awful yellow lighting and useless room stationery, hotel rooms seem to offer few functional benefits beyond getting a good night's sleep. I mean, unless you've booked the honeymoon suite (in which case, congratulations!), your hotel room is pretty standard — bed, closet, bathroom, and maybe a small workspace. It's not exactly an ideal set-up for any crazy hotel sex positions but you're flexible, right?

The key to having mind-blowing hotel sex is to make the most of what's available to you. For example, did you know that the year your hotel was built in will help you decide which sex moves to try out first? Think about it. If you're staying in a more contemporary hotel, there's a good chance the bathroom door is made entirely of glass — awkward for family vacations, yes, but perfect for you and your partner to play a grown-up game of I Spy. If your hotel room is on the older side, you'll probably notice there are mirrors literally everywhere... like, floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Who needs this? Why do they need this? The answers are, of course, you need them for sex, duh!

Whether you're heading on your first vacation with your partner or you'd just like to fulfill your New Year's resolution to have more adventurous sex, these hotel sex positions are a must-try.

The Lotus

My favorite thing about hotel rooms — apart from the free robes and late-night room service — is that the beds are basically giant clouds. Hotel beds are always bigger and more comfortable than your bed at home, which means there's a lot you can do here that might be a logistical concern back home. I recommend the lotus. If you've ever seen a lotus flower, you know that it sort of expands outward from its center i.e. it requires a lot of space. The same goes for this sex position. The penetrating partner sits cross-legged on the bed while the receiving partner sits face-forward on top of them. The receiving partner wraps their legs around and crosses their legs behind the penetrating partner, giving them full control. Not a lot of sex positions successfully incorporate deep penetration and clitoral stimulation like the lotus, which is probably why it's one of the most sensual sex positions.

The Crab-Walk Cowgirl

To pull this off, the receiving partner mounts the penetrating partner like they would for the traditional cowgirl position. Instead of simply sitting on top though, the receiving partner lifts their body up with their arms stretched behind their head and planted firmly on the bed (or floor depending on where you are). This position is more about showmanship than anything else but, trust me, it's worth it. The penetrating partner gets to take everything in from a unique and exciting angle, while also providing clitoral stimulation if necessary. And the receiving partner? Well, they get to enjoy the whole thing through the reflection in the mirrored walls. For the record, a mirrored ceiling will only make this more memorable.

The Fire Escape

Dinner and a show is a pretty standard date night idea while on vacation in a trendy city but what if you and your partner were the show? Move things out to the balcony of your hotel room for an added thrill. Exciting as this is, the public nudity aspect makes it fairly risky so make sure to turn all the lights off in your room before releasing your inner exhibitionist. As far as moves go, you can opt for some standing variations to keep things interesting. For example, doggy style allows the penetrating partner to take in the city skyline while the receiving partner folds themselves in half. Alternatively, you and your partner can take turns performing oral sex on each other while the receiving partner stands upright (fun fact: this is appropriately known as the fire hydrant). With one of you always standing guard, it's literally impossible to get caught — especially if the other person isn't even visible over the balcony railing.

If the purpose of your trip is to rekindle your romance with your partner, these sex positions are sure to light a spark. Bet you can't wait to book that flight now.

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