Angry Hotel Guests Drag Couple Out Of Room For Having Really Loud Sex

A frisky couple in China had super loud sex in their hotel room on Thursday night, and things definitely got hot and heavy.

Unfortunately, I mean "hot and heavy" in more of a violent way than a sexual one.

After a hotel guest in a neighboring bedroom became enraged by the sound of the couple's intercourse, he kicked down their door in the middle of the night. Then, he proceeded to beat the man up in the hotel lobby, according to Daily Mail Australia.

Pretty dramatic, right?

It makes you wonder how one night of carefree sex can turn into a hotel-wide brawl.

Let me explain: It all started with a businessman by the name of Zhang. He had allegedly checked into the hotel with his colleagues the night before an important meeting.

Once Zhang fell asleep, all was fine and dandy... that is, until he heard IT.

By "it," I mean "sex": LOUD, RAMBUNCTIOUS, KINKY SEX.

Well, we can only assume it was all of those things because Zhang was so maddened by the noise, he went to the couple's door and asked them to quiet down, Daily Mail Australia reported.


Instead of listening to Zhang's request, the man inside the room -- whose name is allegedly Lei Mou -- reacted in an uncompromising way, and was verbally "abusive" in response.

As you can probably assume, things went downhill pretty quickly, and Zhang's colleagues came to the hotel corridor for backup.


Can I just pause for a moment and ask why this is such a big deal? Get some earplugs, and let the man make sweet love to his girlfriend.


Anyway, that obviously didn't happen. Instead, Zhang resorted to kicking down Lei Mou's door in an attempt to silence the couple.

Daily Mail Australia stated that according to Wxrw123, the angry businessman then dragged Mou out of his room and began beating him up in front of all his co-workers in the hotel lobby.

Luckily for us, CCTV got the entire drama on tape.

Soon enough, the police were called to the scene. Zhang apparently finally admitted that he "overreacted."


Even so, Lei Mou's romantic night was ruined, and his dignity was stripped. But he did receive $2,226 from Zhang as settlement.

Let's hope he uses his cash to invest in a more private room... preferably one with no neighbors.