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3 Enneagram Types That Are Luckiest In Love, So Prepare To Find The *1*


If you always date people that play in bad indie bands (guilty) or your last three partners were tall and lanky with red hair, you may already be pretty clear on your romantic "type." Of course, when it comes to self-reflection, knowing something like your Enneagram type can be super enlightening. If you've taken every internet personality quiz, you may already know all about the Enneagram. Still, knowing the three Enneagram types that are luckiest in love can be helpful when unpacking how you build relationships.

If you haven't yet taken the Enneagram Type Indicator, pour yourself some sweet tea and buckle in for a wild ride full of deep introspection and human interconnectedness. The quiz is based on nine interconnected personality types — the Perfectionist, the Helper, the Achiever, the Romantic, the Observer, the Questioner, the Adventurer, the Leader and the Peacemaker. Though you may be a total "eight," an Enneagram assessment is often based on combinations of different types. To get super hippie mama for a second — everyone has a little bit of each type in them, and everyone connects to different types in their own special way.

These three Enneagram types are likely to date with ease.

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Type Two: "The Giver/Helper"

The Helper or Giver wants to love and be loved. They are super supportive romantic partners and often have an easy time building relationships with others. Helpers are caretakers and nurturers. They will naturally be totally in tune with their partner's needs, and will effortlessly make their dates feel safe and comfortable, which means dating might initially feel "easy." Of course, in an attempt to keep their partners happy, sometimes the Helper can suppress their own needs or become a people-pleaser. If the Helper is mindful in prioritizing their partner's needs and taking care of themselves, they are likely to find a love that's nourishing and stable.

Type Nine: "The Peacemaker"

As the name suggests, the Peacemaker wants everyone around them to feel love and happiness. Unlike the Helper, the Peacemaker isn't drawn to fixing everyone's problems. They prefer to sit back, go with the flow, and let life happen. They're easy-going and mellow, often having an easy time finding love and relationships. Peacemakers are receptive and openminded. Though they hate dealing with conflict, they are generally good at seeing an issue from all sides. When it comes to dating, the Peacemaker is likely to bounce back from heartbreak quickly. They're good at acknowledging when they're wrong and won't let negative emotions bog them down.

Type Six: "The Loyalist/Questioner"

A type six is into security and commitment. Since they are drawn to stability, they are gifted at anticipating problems before they happen. Known as the Loyalist or Questioner, type six is often so committed to something they may start to worry themselves about it. Although they're susceptible to getting a little in their own heads, the Loyalist is great at self-regulating and feels comforted when they are in stable relationships or supported by good friends and family. They know what they are looking for and won't waste time with people who aren't willing to go the distance. Drawn to finding and maintaining security, the Loyalist tends to keep their love life slow and steady.

Of course, no matter your personality type, love comes with ups and downs for everyone. Opening your heart to someone can be an intimidating thing, and sometimes you may kiss a few frogs (read: get ghosted by a few tech bros) before you meet someone who just gets you. Dating isn't always easy. But no matter your Enneagram type number, you are sure to find the one for you.