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28 Captions For Pumpkin Doughnuts & Living The Sweet Life


Autumn brings a lot of sweets into your life. For example, your apartment may have a bowl filled with peanut butter cups and chocolate bars near the front door. On the weekends, you may adventure to cider mills to treat yourself to freshly baked goods and take pictures with all kinds of doughnuts. Those occasions require Instagram captions for pumpkin doughnuts and living the sweet life on the 'Gram.

After all, you want your followers to get the gist of your experience and the happiness you felt when you laid eyes on that snack food. Not to be dramatic or corny, but it was like nobody else was in the room. (A real love at first bite situation, if you will.) Now, you may be going about your "real world" responsibilities, attending meetings at work or lunches with your best friends, and daydreaming about when you can go to the cider mill or local farmers' market again.

This season is far from over, so you'll be able to snag more pumpkin doughnuts again soon. In those moments, you'll likely take pictures with your sweet treat, holding it up against the changing leaves to create the ultimate #view. Use one of these 28 captions when you inevitably post those photos on social media, and then continue enjoying the sweet life.

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1. "Pumpkin doughnuts? Always."

2. "We go together like pumpkin and doughnuts."

3. "Cue the fall vibes and pumpkin doughnut orders."

4. "Another pumpkin doughnut would be perfect right now."

5. "I'm on doughnut disturb mode."

6. "Life is truly what you bake of it."

7. "Hanging out with a dozen of my best friends."

8. "If it's pumpkin-flavored, I know I'll like it."

9. "It's feeling a lot like autumn over here."

10. "Be a pumpkin doughnut in a bag of plain bagels."

11. "But have you tried pumpkin doughnuts?"

12. "I think my soulmate might be a pumpkin doughnut."

13. "Doughnut worry, be happy."

14. "Whatever frosts your pumpkin doughnuts."

15. "The best kind of pumpkin in the whole patch."

16. "Well would you look at this snack."

17. "Doughnut know what I'd do without autumn."

18. "Good food makes good moods."

19. "Not pictured: the heart eyes I have for this doughnut."

20. "You can't buy happiness but you can buy pumpkin doughnuts."

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21. "How to make today amazing: Eat a pumpkin doughnut."

22. "Want to hear something really spooky? There's no more pumpkin doughnuts."

23. "Have yourself a merry little fall-iday."

24. "Oh my gourd. This pumpkin doughnut is delicious."

25. "Cheers to the sweet life. May it always be filled with pumpkin doughnuts."

26. "Founding members of the pumpkin doughnut fan club."

27. "I've been a doughnut lover since birth."

28. "Hey there, pumpkin."

In addition to posting pictures of your pumpkin doughnut, consider going live on Instagram stories and hosting a taste test. Let your followers participate in the experience by giving them a chance to rate your snack food based on looks and creativity. Then, give them your final review — a number between one and 10 — and inspire them to go out and live the sweet life.