A group of friends laugh and drink tea during a fall picnic.

28 Fall Picnic Captions That Are Sweet To The Apple Core

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This upcoming weekend, you may have some plans that are sweet to the apple core. They might involve packing a basket with your favorite snacks, going to a local park with your best friends, and filling your camera roll with pictures for Instagram. If so, then you need fall picnic captions for autumn-inspired selfies and the delicious spreads to come.

In addition, you may be in need of some trendy preset packs that are fit for the season. They'll make the apple cider doughnuts on your blanket sparkle in the sunshine, your mustard-colored jumpsuit totally pop, and the plates loaded with different breads and cheeses look so tasty. Your followers may swoon over your pics and want to head to a nearby coffee shop to pick out picnic goodies for themselves. They'll probably drop you a like or encouraging comment too

They'll say something like, "Wow! That picnic is #goals," or "Can I have one of those cinnamon rolls with the frosting, please?" On the other side of the screen, you may giggle and then give them a like back. If only you could pass snacks through the screen, huh? That would be ideal, right next to transporting the rest of your BFFs and followers to your fall picnic. For now, using one of these captions will have to do, though. It's a good thing they're sweet to the apple core.

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1. "But first, let's have a picnic."

2. "All I need is food, friends, and sunshine in the fall."

3. "My talents: putting together Instagram-worthy picnics."

4. "Good food makes good moods."

5. "I think my soulmate might be a picnic basket."

6. "We go together like apple cider and doughnuts."

7. "Picnics are better in the peak of fall."

8. "If you didn't take pics at your fall picnic, did it even happen?"

9. "Happiness is homemade snacks."

10. "A couple of candy apple cuties."

11. "Feelin' just peachy when I'm with my friends."

12. "Break out the sweaters and picnic baskets."

13. "Doughnut disturb us while we picnic."

14. "It's even tastier than it looks on Instagram."

15. "I never met a picnic I didn't like."

16. "This photo tastes like fall."

17. "Do more things that require a picnic basket."

18. "Autumn skies and picnics that give you heart eyes."

19. "Happy fall-idays, my friends."

20. "Why don't we have another picnic this weekend?"

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21. "Picnic-ed a good one with you."

22. "Pass the cider and cheese, please."

23. "I love fall picnics most of all."

24. "Well, would you look at that spread."

25. "You can't picnic with us."

26. "Snacks on snacks on snacks."

27. "Not pictured: the inside jokes that came with this picnic."

28. "What a gourd-geous view."

The best part about these captions is that they'll work for every picnic occasion you have this fall. Whether you're setting up your blanket on the top of a mountain after a long hike with lots of leaf-peeping, on the rooftop of your apartment building in the city, or in your backyard, they'll show your followers you're treating yourself to good snacks and better vibes.

Just be sure to accompany them with various hashtags like #fallmode or #allthefallthings. That way the world can continue to follow along with your October adventures and future picnics in the autumn sun.

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