Two women are drinking beer and laughing on a fall day at a cabin.

25 Pumpkin Beer Captions That Are Perfect For Fall Festivities

By the middle of October, you might have a lot of fall-related plans on your calendar. You might be taking a road trip to a cozy New England town, heading to local fairs with your best friends, and going to new bars to try the seasonal items on the menus with your SO. If you're 21 or older, you'll need some pumpkin beer captions for those fall festivities and the hoppy times to come.

As much as you love going to your local coffee shop and ordering a hot Pumpkin Spice Latte or cinnamon chai, this gourd-geous beer has stolen your heart since the first sip. It might be your go-to when you're spending the day at a brewery, eating fried pickles and mozzarella sticks from a food truck and playing the What Do You Meme? game. It also may be the refreshing drink you look for on trips to the mountains or in the liquor store before your annual Halloween party.

Once you grab a bottle, you may clink it against your best friends' and toast to the epic moments to come. After all, this beautiful time of year is when you make some of your best memories and go on some of your most spontaneous adventures. As the leaves change colors, you may squeeze in date nights, football games, and late afternoon bonfires. Get ready for the fun and fall festivities by gathering up some caption for pumpkin beer as soon as possible. Oh, and cheers.

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1. "Falling for every pumpkin beer here."

2. "Hey there, hop stuff."

3. "Oh my gourd! It's a pumpkin beer."

4. "I'm here for the pumpkin beer and boos."

5. "Takin' a little pumpkin beer break."

6. "This beer isn't a bunch of hocus pocus. I promise."

7. "Save your candy. I'll take the pumpkin-flavored boos."

8. "Bow down to the pumpkin beer, witches."

9. "Break out the sweaters and pumpkin beer."

10. "Autumn leaves and more pumpkin things, please."

11. "This pumpkin beer is #squashgoals."

12. "I've never met a pumpkin beer I didn't like."

13. "Cheers to the hoppy life and having a pumpkin beer with my friends."

14. "Do you know what's really spooky? Not having a pumpkin beer in October."

15. "Gettin' crafty at the brewery this fall."

16. "Trick or treatin' myself to a pumpkin beer."

17. "Dear pumpkin beer, thank brew very much for existing."

18. "What a gourd-geous view."

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19. "Now serving pumpkin beer."

20. "Drinking good beer with great people."

21. "Give 'em pumpkin to talk about."

22. "All the fall things."

23. "Pumpkin beer? Count me in."

24. "Don't worry, be hoppy."

25. "This pumpkin beer may contain boos."

Here's the deal: When your followers see a creative pic of your pumpkin beer on your feed, they might want a refreshing glass of their own. Then, like clockwork, they'll double-tap your post and leave you an excited comment. And just like that, other people will get to planning their fall festivities, too.