Two friends drink apple cider and chat at a cider mill in the fall.

26 Cider Mill Captions For Instagram & Doing All The Fall Things

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Believe it or not, October is more than halfway done. *Cue the gasps* In a few weeks, you'll already be celebrating Halloween with your best friends and then prepping for Thanksgiving plans. That leaves you little-to-no time to come up with cider mill captions for Instagram and doing all the fun fall things.

I understand the rush of emotions you may be experiencing right now. You might be contemplating the afternoons at the orchard, nights at haunted trails, and weekend trips to the mountains, and are wondering when you're going to check those items off your autumn to-do list. You might be thinking about all the pics you saved on Pinterest, and were so excited to recreate when summer transitioned into fall.

The time certainly went by fast, as it always seems to do, but those pics with pumpkin-flavored lattes and cinnamon-covered doughnuts are on the horizon. And, thanks to your personal social media guru here, you don't need to stress about wasting time coming up with captions for your adventure to the cider mill. I've gathered up a bunch below that'll totally work for whatever upcoming plans you have, or for doing all the fall things, if you will.

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1. "Always look on the bright cider life."

2. "It's a good day to be at the cider mill."

3. "Spilling the tea over hot cider."

4. "Sweet like a cup of cider in the fall."

5. "I'm on doughnut disturb mode."

6. "Drink cider more, worry less."

7. "Easy, peasy, apple, squeezy."

8. "It's even tastier than it looks on Instagram."

9. "Hot apple cider weather."

10. "You're the apple of my eye."

11. "Cider, cider, and more cider."

12. "And they all lived apple-y ever after."

13. "Just working on my (apple) core."

14. "Doughnut ever let me miss out on the cider mill."

15. "Takin' a little hot cider and doughnut break."

16. "At this point, my blood type is apple cider."

17. "I've never met a cider mill I didn't like."

18. "All the fall things."

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19. "But I love the cider mill most of all."

20. "Pumpkin Spice Lattes, who?"

21. "Stay in your cider mill magic, babe."

22. "Pass the bag of apple cider doughnuts, please!"

23. "A cup of apple cider a day keeps the winter blues away."

24. "This photo smells like cinnamon and cider."

25. "Alexa, take me back to the cider mill."

26. "You either love the cider mill or you're wrong."

In addition to these captions, I've put together a sweet list of content creators you should follow. They may inspire you to think outside-of-the-box when it comes to your fall #content, or to add things to your autumn to-do list even if it feels like there's no time to check every adventure and doughnut taste-test off.

Sometimes, I think having those spontaneous, creative, and rad people on your social media feeds is important and reminds you to live your #bestlife no matter what time of the year it is. OK, enough reading and scrolling. Go out and do all the fall things.

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