28 Instagram Captions For Weekend In The Mountains Pics That Are Perfect For You & Your Gal Pals

What's on your agenda for this winter? If you live in the Northeast or parts of the country where it tends to snow a lot, then I'm sure you have shoveling worked into your schedule. You have little snowflakes drawn in your planner on the days that are going to require a blanket scarf and an extra cappuccino. To be honest, though, you don't totally mind and are kind of looking forward to the days when you can throw on your big boots and bask in the fresh air. You're excited to go skiing and go for hikes with your friends. Don't forget some captions for pictures of your weekend in the mountains, because the coolest thing you're doing this winter deserves to be showcased on the 'gram.

It all started when you were a little kid and went to the mountains with your family on a vacation. You packed up the car with firewood, hats with fluffy pom-poms, and bags of marshmallows for hot chocolate or s'mores. The entire weekend, you spent time with your siblings, playing board games and learning how to do that pizza move with your skis. Soon enough, you grew up and began inviting your besties to come along with.

Flash-forward a few years, you decided to keep this tradition alive. You and your pals pile into someone's car and have a weekend cozied up in the mountains, just the same. You might celebrate Galentine's Day there, with waffles and afternoons of pampering yourselves. You exchange gifts and make plans for future trips to top destinations on your bucket list, too. The only thing that is sometimes missing is a good caption for your inevitable 'gram. A weekend in the mountains with your BFFs calls for filling up your camera roll and having a moment on social media. These 28 captions will definitely be picture-perfect.

Ellie Baygulov/Stocksy

1. "Sometimes, you just need to change your altitude."

2. "Until further notice, assume that we're peaking."

3. "Go where you feel most alive."

4. "That girl, she's going to move mountains."

5. "Life is better when you're surrounded by your best friends in the mountains."

6. "Climbing my way to bigger and better things."

7. "Our weekend in the mountains is always snow much fun."

8. "Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way." — Dr. Seuss

9. "Adventure awaits and we didn't want to miss a second of it."

10. "Wander where the WiFi is weak and your worries feel small."

11. "Up, up, and away in the mountains for a weekend."

12. "I love my best friends to the peak of the mountain and back."

13. "Snuggle-and-sip-hot-chocolate-in-a-cabin season."

14. "Enjoying life in the snow lane."

15. "Getting cozy with my gal pals."

16. "The mountains are my new happy place."

17. "Hot cocoa and fuzzy socks, here we come!"

18. "Do what makes your soul happy."

19. "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a lift pass."

20. "Hitting the slopes and having a weekend with my best friends."

21. "These girls right here are hot teas."

22. "Like a snowflake, be your own kind of beautiful."

23. "Fresh air, don't care."

24. "Choose adventure and a weekend with your best friends in the mountains, always."

25. "Life's a mountain, not a beach."

26. "The mountains are calling and I must go." — John Muir

27. "Eat, sleep, and sleigh."

28. "Never miss a moment in the mountains."