28 Cute Football Puns For Instagram, Because The Super Bowl Is Going To Guac Your World

You may already be up to speed on the latest in the sports world. But, just in queso didn't know, the biggest and most talked about football game of the year is right around the corner. On Sunday, Feb. 3, the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will go head-to-head to win the ultimate title and trophy. Are your jerseys, snacks, and television screens prepared? Well, you think so! The group chat you have with your best friends has been very busy, coming up with plans and coordinating who will bring the wings. The only thing you truly need are some cute football puns for Instagram, because the Super Bowl is going to totally guac your world.

All punts aside, you really are in for something good. For a few hours, you'll hang with your huddle buddies, and dip into snacks on snacks on snacks. (Can we put in a petition for all weekends to be like this?) You'll snuggle up on the couch with your jersey on, or possibly cheer on your quarterback from a restaurant or casual bar. And when the Halftime Show comes on, you'll refill the buffalo chicken dip on your plate and keep having a ball.

It's inevitable, during all the laughs and legendary plays, that you'll take a few pictures, too. The bowl of chips, freshly-grilled double cheeseburgers, and hot and spicy wings are just so Instagram-worthy. Not to mention, you and your best friends have been looking for a reason to post something on social media that scores a bunch of likes.

Now, full disclosure: I don't know much about sports. But, I do know what's going to do well on the 'Gram, opposed to what will deflate your follower count. Take it from me that one of these 28 cute football puns in your caption will surely get a kick out of you, and show the world that this Super Bowl guacs your world.

Cameron Whitman/Stocksy

1. "Having a ball this weekend with my very best friends."

2. "Super Bowl Sunday always steals a pizza my heart."

3. "This game is totally going to guac my world."

4. "My football team really needs to ketchup."

5. "Touchdown for what?"

6. "All punts are highly intended."

7. "I get a kick out of you."

8. "Just in queso didn't know, I'm a huge football fan."

9. "Tackling this game, one snack at a time."

10. "The calm before the score."

11. "That penalty was nacho problem."

12. "I'm in a serious relation-chip."

Gabrielle Lutze/Stocksy

13. "Conversations at the line of scrimmage: 'Do you want a pizza me?'"

14. "Don't worry, beer happy."

15. "If you liked the Super Bowl trophy, then you should have put a wing on it."

16. "Can somebody get my quarter back?"

17. "Hoping my team doesn't go bacon my heart."

18. "Ball for me." — Post Malone, "Ball for Me"

19. "Staying humble thanks to that fumble."

20. "This might sound cheesy, but I think my team is really grate."

21. "Our quarterback is kind of a big dill."

22. "We can't romaine calm, because it's Super Bowl Sunday."

23. "These commercials are going to give us something to taco 'bout."

24. "Dear, quarterback. I'm wingin' it, but you shouldn't."

Alexey Kuzma

25. "Dipping into the end zone."

26. "I like big punts and I cannot lie."

27. "Go team! Brew can do it!"

28. "The huddle is real."

Next to a few cute puns, that are equally cheesy and really grate, be sure to prepare for the Super Bowl by downloading the best editing apps of the year to your phone. Find the filters that will really bring out the best in your chips and dip, or highlight the beauty of your buffalo sauce. Then, come up with some ideas in advance, so that you can create some quality #content.

A few ideas I have for you are: Taking candid shots with your best friends and your jerseys; posing with a piece of pizza and putting one hand up in the air; carefully tossing a football in the direction of the camera; and clinking your root beer with someone else's at the party. But, feel free to get creative and show your followers that football — and in particular, the Super Bowl — totally guacs your world.