A young couple kisses behind a heart-shaped balloon in a throwback Valentine's Day picture.

25 Captions For Throwback Valentine's Day Pics With Bae That Are Sweet & Simple

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Your Instagram is basically a stan account for your relationship. On any given day, you may gush over the cute things your partner does, like when they surprise you with coffee in bed or play you a dreamy song on their guitar. On Valentine's Day, you can take your Instagram to another level by posting pics of past V-Day road trips, baking dates, and downright romantic celebrations. Show those old pics some love by pairing them with any of these Instagram captions for throwback Valentine's Day pictures with your SO.

Your typical V-Day plan might consist of going to a restaurant with your partner and ordering your fave items off the menu or spending the day being tourists in your own city. But, since the coronavirus pandemic is still a serious daily reality, you'll be following the safety guidelines via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this V-Day and staying in with your sweetheart to celebrate. According to the CDC, staying at home is the best way to potentially prevent yourself and others from contracting and/or spreading the coronavirus. But, being home gives you the opportunity to look at old pics and have fun reminiscing.

You can post a pic from your first Valentine’s Day together as a couple, and pair it with something like, "Your surprises still make me smile this wide." Or, find an old snap of a romantic V-Day getaway you took, and post it with, "How am I just remembering to post this sweet pic?" These throwback V-Day captions will capture all of your happy thoughts and feelings on your feed. They'll also remind your followers that you're wildly in love and grateful for each day you get to wake up with your SO or snuggle up with them on the couch.

Here are 25 short and sweet Instagram captions for V-Day throwback pictures with your SO. Post, celebrate, and enjoy the most love-filled day of the year.

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1. "Promise to spend every Valentine's Day with you."

2. "Time flies when you're in love."

3. "Looking back on our love story with only heart eyes."

4. "The V-Day nostalgia is real."

5. "Let's go back to this date for a minute."

6. "Taken before we got good at FaceTime dates."

7. "My whole heart is in this picture."

8. "Every year is a great year with my love."

9. "Your surprises still make me smile this wide."

10. "Still thinking about those roses and chocolates."

11. "We've always thrown love around like confetti."

12. "In love then, in more love now."

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13. "I always wanted to spend V-Day with you."

14. "Just me and my forever Valentine."

15. "From a Valentine's Day I'll never forget."

16. "The first of many sweet selfies together."

17. "I like you way more than I originally planned."

18. "You're my fave person to take pictures with."

19. "Pulling Valentine's Day pics out of the archives."

20. "Thanks for being as excited about V-Day as me."

21. "You're one in a million."

22. "For the record, this is our go-to pose for pictures."

23. "Dear Valentine, It's always been you."

24. "Throwbacks are seriously the best."

25. "How am I just remembering to post this sweet pic?"