30 Captions For Throwback Pics With Your Partner & Strolls Down Memory Lane


The perfect date night with your significant other might consist of a home-cooked meal, followed by a romantic stroll down Memory Lane. While you're looking through some of your favorite vacay snaps and selfies from when you first became #official, you may feel the urge to post a few of them, and pair them with some adorable captions for throwback pictures with your partner. You've made so many great memories together that it's about time you reflect on them.

You want the right words that embody the everlasting love you have for your partner, so why not use any of these 30 throwback captions? Having some words ready to use will make the posting process all the more sweeter. You might even be inspired by some of your early pics and want to recreate them.

For your anniversary this year, you could go to the same spot you had your first date or first kiss. Try to recreate the exact pic you snapped for an extra adorable side-by-side post. Your friends can swipe back and forth between the old and new photos and see that even though time has passed, your love for each other hasn't changed one bit. Now that's the kind of cuteness that will get you some major likes.


1. "Dear fate, thank you for bringing this person into my life."

2. "We were cute then, and we're cute now. So, nothing's really changed."

3. "Who knew this moment would become one of my most cherished with you?"

4. "It's so weird to think that you started out as a stranger, and now, you're my favorite person in the entire world."

5. "This was the start of our happily ever after."

6. "We're still just as cute as ever."

7. "If I could relive this moment over and over again, I would."

8. "Someone get me a time machine ASAP. I want to go back to this moment with you."

9. "It's hard to forget great memories with my favorite person."

10. "And so, this is where our love story began."

11. "I like to revisit the past, but the future is what I'm most excited for with you."

12. "Hey bae, can we recreate this moment forever?"

13. "I'm so glad this smile you gave me hasn't gone out of style."

14. "This was the day I gave my heart to you. Thanks for keeping it safe all this time."

15. "Hey, look at us... Who would've thought?" — Hot Ones


16. "I knew I had to make you mine, because you laughed at my jokes."

17. "I like to hold your hand as we walk down memory lane together."

18. "From my crush to my forever and always."

19. "You asked for an adorable #TBT, and I'm pretty sure this delivers."

20. "I still remember how nervous I was to talk to you, because I still get those butterflies whenever I look at you."

21. "Them: Don't ever change. Us: OK."

22. "It was the best night, never would forget how we moved." — Taylor Swift, "Starlight"

23. "We were just kids when we fell in love." — Ed Sheeran, "Perfect"

24. "When little moments become big memories."

25. "This is the moment I started smiling, and I haven't stopped since."

26. "Just think of all the adventures we've been on since, and will continue to go on together."

27. "This was when you were lacking a little vitamin ME. Don't worry, we fixed that."

28. "If you look closely you can see the exact moment my heart skipped a beat."

29. "You are my yesterday, today, and all my tomorrows."

30. "Sometimes, I need to pinch myself to know this really happened and you are mine."