A group of friends takes a selfie on the beach while on vacation before quarantine.

32 Captions For Life Before Quarantine & Reminiscing On The Adventures

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Quarantine has definitely changed up your day-to-day routine. Instead of heading into work in the morning, you might get cozy in a pair of sweatpants and prep for Zoom meetings at your kitchen table. Instead of taking trips around the world, you're enjoying chill afternoons with your pup and a charcuterie board in your backyard when happy hour rolls around. As much as you like the slower nature of life, you might experience some moments when you feel like using Instagram captions for life before quarantine and reminiscing on all your wonderful adventures.

Typically, that feeling comes when you're scrolling through your camera roll and diving back into the days you spent surfing in California or eating fresh pasta in a charming Italian square. You may get a rush of nostalgia and immediately text your best friends the throwback vacay photos you forgot about since arriving back home. Together, you gush over all your mems and even daydream about the days after quarantine. You already know that sometime in the future, when it's safe to do so, you'll head to your favorite restaurants for brunch, go on road trips across the country, and even check some items off of your ongoing bucket list.

For now, though, you'll post the pictures you've come across in the very depths of your camera roll and reminisce on what life before quarantine looked like. For those posts, be sure to use one of these captions for life before quarantine that your followers will absolutely resonate with.

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1. "Remember when we used to travel the world?"

2. "Looking back on those pre-quarantine days."

3. "Adventurous little things we were."

4. "See you on Zoom tonight!"

5. "Let's vow to collect more passport stamps when it's safe to travel again."

6. "Still craving this pizza, in case you were wondering."

7. "Taken before I added a full collection of masks to my closet."

8. "I would trade my bed for midnight beach talks any day."

9. "Catch you on the other side of quarantine."

10. "Excuse me, where are their masks?"

11. "How am I just finding this photo in my camera roll?"

12. "We had no idea what we were in for."

13. "Now, every day is casual Friday."

14. "Always grateful for the people and places I love."

15. "Time flies when you're having fun, right?"

16. "After quarantine, we're going to chase every waterfall. Sorry, TLC."

17. "Counting down the days until I can hug you like this."

18. "Next quarantine hobby: make a scrapbook with these pictures."

19. "Life before quarantine photo dump!"

20. "We'll be on top of the world again."

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21. "Looking forward to s'more camping trips."

22. "Let's travel back to these mems for a hot minute."

23. "These are the days I'm dreaming about."

24. "The nostalgia has never been stronger."

25. "Good things happen. This is proof."

26. "So many people crammed into one place. Yuck."

27. "Learn the lyrics now, belt them out a show later."

28. "Beachin' never looked so good."

29. "Would rather be traveling the world with you."

30. "Nowadays, I enjoy long walks to the kitchen."

31. "Somehow, I'm going to recreate this moment in my backyard."

32. "Zooming back to the good times and tan lines."

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