A young woman poses in flared jeans and a denim jacket while sitting in her local park.

24 Captions For Flared Jeans To Pair With Your #OOTD Post

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Flared jeans are in, and you want to style them for Instagram as soon as possible. After all, you're known for being the style icon in your friend group who's always trying out new trends and showing them off on the 'gram. You've already posed in chunky boots and sweater vests. Now, sporting flared jeans is on your to-do list, so you'll need these Instagram captions for flared jeans to pair with some upcoming #OOTD posts.

One of your favorite things to do when you're rocking a fresh 'fit is to snap some pics. So, it's only right that you take your flared jeans on a cute at-home photo session date. You can make the backdrop as fun as possible, and pair your pics with these captions for flared jeans. Of course, don't hesitate to check out your favorite style bloggers and influencers for inspiration before you get to styling and snapping. Then, crank up your fave upbeat playlist, and pose away.

Be sure to choose a pair of flared jeans that are comfy, and pair them with a colorful top that'll complement your overall vibe. Sit on a stool in your living room, swing a tiny purse in your backyard, or pose with a red lollipop in your driveway. Cool props like heart-shaped sunglasses or a copy of The Great Gatsby aren't required, but are highly recommended. Once you find your fave photo, be sure to edit it with a vibrant filter, and then post it on IG with one of these captions for flared jeans.

1. "Life isn't perfect, but these flared jeans are."

2. "A pair of flared jeans a day keeps the bad outfits away."

3. "They're called flared jeans. Look it up."

4. "I feel like I'm cheating on my mom jeans."

5. "Woops, I'm wearing my flared jeans again."

6. "No photo session is complete without a pair of flared jeans."

7. "What would my closet do without flared jeans?"

8. "Just me, myself, and my flared jeans."

9. "Traded in my skinnies for flares."

10. "These are the kind of jeans I live for."

11. "How to style your flared jeans: a lesson by me."

12. "Today was a flared jeans kind of day."

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13. "Friends who wear flared jeans together, stay together."

14. "I'm going to let my flared jeans do all the talking."

15. "Full of flare today... and every day."

16. "Feeling free in my flared jeans."

17. "If you were looking for a sign to buy flared jeans, this is it."

18. "Huge fan of flared jeans."

19. "Relationship status: flirting with all the flared jeans."

20. "Dear flared jeans, I'd always swipe right on you."

21. "My shoes are making quite the entrance, thanks to my flared jeans."

22. "I heard we're all wearing flared jeans now."

23. "Skinny jeans, who?"

24. "New flared pants just dropped."

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