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These Captions For Your Winter Haircut Pics Are As Cool As Ice

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When you start winter off with a new 'do that's even cooler than the Arctic temps, you can't wait to snow it off. While you perfect your hair flip and head outside for the best angles to snap away at golden hour, you'll need these Instagram captions for winter haircut pictures to make your post look absolutely brr-illiant.

Don't stop at your fashionable new cut and style, either. Treat yourself to a few trendy accessories like pearl clips, hair claws, or even a silk headband that'll take your winter haircut pictures to a whole new level. For a true snow-stopper of a snap, capture some freshly-fallen snowflakes as they fall in your hair so that your post glistens and sparkles without a filter.

You can even opt for a dramatic post by snapping a before and after shot of your hair. Or, go for a whimsical look by letting the wind twirl your new cut around and pair that picture with a witty caption like, "A real winter blow-out." Once you pick one of these Instagram captions for winter haircut pictures to go with your post, your followers will waste no time in letting you know how cool AF your new look is.

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1. "As cool as ice."

2. "Bangs with a side of snow."

3. "Snow long, farewell, long hair."

4. "Feelin' chill AF in this shorter cut... literally."

5. "TFW when it snows on your blowout."

6. "BRB, sleighing this new style."

7. "Feeling icy."

8. "This new 'do and it was love at frost sight."

9. "Winter calls for a breath of fresh hair."

10. "I'm snow into these curls."

11. "I glove my new hair."

12. "Sparkling, how about you?"

13. "Trimming away the old year."

14. "Fresh snow, fresh hair."

15. "Melting over these layers"

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16. "Locks a lot like winter today."

17. "Waving goodbye to last year like..."

18. "Winter hair, don't care."

19. "The style of the season."

20. "Curtain bangs? I sleighed it."

21. "Smitten as a kitten with this new look."

22. "Do we think my new cut looks ice?"

23. "Snow much hair."

24. "I winter get a haircut. Can't you tell?"

25. "It's chill when you 'do you."

26. "You snow I have a weakness for fringes."

27. "And there froze my long hair."

28. "Snow more bad hair days."

29. "Winter is hair it's at."

30. "No split ends this season."