30 Clever Winter Captions For Instagram & Going On Chilly Adventures

It's officially winter, which means you can't leave your house without a pair of cute mittens or space in your camera roll for snow-filled selfies. You have to plan accordingly — making sure you have extra time in the morning to tie your boots before work, grab a hot drink in a festive cup, and pose with said drink on the subway. Of course, you can't forget the clever winter captions you need as well, for when you share those pics on Instagram along with the snaps from your chilly adventures.

That can take some time and effort, though. Every time you've needed to come up with clever captions for Instagram before, you've probably spent hours on your phone scrolling through different song lyrics and texting your best friends. They might have given you their witty ideas, or said something like, "Just put an emoji." You've heard that one too many times to count, and you refuse to drop another snowflake in the caption box, no matter how adorable it may be.

In addition, you want to steer clear of dashing through the Internet on the day of your chilly adventure, looking for the words and quotes that #sleigh. Enter, this article. These 30 clever winter captions will capture your feelings for hot cocoa, cuddling up on your couch and watching a holiday movie on a snow day, or posing amongst evergreen trees. They may even make your followers giggle, cheer, or go out in the world and have some chilly adventures of their own.


1. "Say freeze!"

2. "Snow. That's it. That's the caption."

3. "Snow happens, hot chocolate helps."

4. "My favorite color is evergreen."

5. "Let's sleigh together forever."

6. "Dancing through the snow with my best friends."

7. "Is it socially acceptable to wear a blanket to work?"

8. "We're always up to snow good."

9. "Where are all my jingle ladies at?"

10. "Here for the hot cocoa and winter kisses."

11. "Take some advice from winter and chill out."

12. "Falling all over the ice for you, babe."

13. "The whole world looks snow freakin' cute right now."

14. "But first, let's drink hot chocolate and cuddle."

15. "Chillin' with my mug and blanket like Baby Yoda."

16. "These are the winter days we live for."

17. "May the forest of snowy, evergreen trees be with you."

18. "This might be our chilliest adventure yet."

19. "Does shivering count as exercise?"

20. "The only word I know right now is 'brrr.'"


21. "Friends don't let friends play in the snow alone."

22. "If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard."

23. "Beautiful, but oh-so cold."

24. "It's officially winter, or what I like to call, Netflix season."

25. "And so the snow day begins..."

26. "Dear, winter. I'm just using you to get to summer."

27. "Let it snow somewhere else. Particularly, somewhere far away."

28. "Cue the snowflakes, please."

29. "And in the winter, we stay inside."

30. "Well, this isn't summer."