24 Flirty Christmas Captions, Because You're As Smitten As A Pair Of Mittens

The snuggle is real around the holidays — and this year, you're dreaming of drinking hot chocolate by the fire with your crush. This is the person who, for the past few months, has been giving you major butterflies and making amazing memories with you. Together, you've gone on cute dates to get pizza or go ice skating. (It's like your favorite Hallmark movies are coming to life.) But, you're not entirely sure if you should get this person a present. Let me help you out: All you need is some flirty Christmas captions and a sweet picture to send your crush some love on social media this holiday season. Easy peasy, right?

The thing about social media is that it's entirely what you make of it — or should I say bake of it, to get into the holiday spirit. Some people love to snap pics with their significant other or post feel-good selfies on the reg, while others barely talk about their relationship on their account. Feelings can be personal, but love can be an amazing thing to share with the world. So, either way, I understand where people are coming from when they use Instagram in their own way.

For you, social media is the perfect outlet to give a shoutout to someone you've caught feelings for, or share some sparkly pics in a cozy sweater. (You know, the pictures that make you feel so good about yourself from the second you click the camera button, or later prompt a text from your crush saying, "Happy holidays! Let's grab some coffee soon!") And that's exactly how you plan on using it during the most wonderful and wintery time of the year.

You may find a sweet snap on your camera roll from the summer of you two, and caption it with something about trading evergreens for palm trees — or maybe you'll post a cute picture of you kissing and blowing away a handful of snow. It's entirely up to you! So, get creative and then pick out one of these flirty Christmas captions to send that perfect message to your holi-bae.


1. "Kiss me underneath the mistletoe." — Justin Bieber, "Mistletoe"

2. "Smitten like a pair of mittens."

3. "You rock my Christmas socks."

4. "Peppermint to be."

5. "It's s'more than a feeling."

6. "But first, let me take an elfie with you."

7. "The naughty to my nice."

8. "Some people are worth melting for." — Olaf, Frozen

9. "You're the whole package."

10. "Kissing you makes sweater weather much better."


11. "Feeling holly and jolly whenever I'm with you."

12. "Wrapped up with love."

13. "Butterflies in my stomach and snowflakes in my hands."

14. "Roses are red, snowflakes are blue. Just so you know, I really like you."

15. "There's snow place like being with you."

16. "If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard."

17. "Hey there, hot-tea."

18. "If you like it, then you better put a ribbon on it."

19. "Make it a December to remember."

20. "All the jingle ladies."

Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

21. "Two is company. Trees a crowd."

22. "Santa baby." — Joan Javits and Philip Springer, "Santa Baby"

23. "Always up to snow good."

24. "Happy holi-bae."

When all is said and done, take some cues from your favorite holiday movies about love, relationships, and becoming the best version of yourself. Look up to Kate Winslet in The Holiday, who finds her gumption and then falls in love, or Buddy the Elf in Elf, for always telling people how he feels — and that he loves smiling.

Then, when you're ready to post something on social media, give your crush a sweet and simple shoutout with one of these captions. Feeling as smitten as a pair of mittens? Me too.