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22 Jocelyn Quotes From 'Schitt's Creek' That Show She's The Schitt

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Life's the Schitt when you're kicking back and catching up on Netflix with your fave characters on Schitt's Creek. The only thing that could possibly upgrade the situation is if you were invited to Roland and Jocelyn Schitt's house to enjoy a cheese ball, Netflix, and wine. Let's face it: When it comes to the show's character lineup, you can always count on Jocelyn to serve up a great batch of directness, humor, or Nanaimo dessert bars. So, to serve up some wit on your own feed, you can count on these Jocelyn Schitt's Creek quotes for Instagram to do exactly that.

Give this awesome character a shoutout on the 'gram and highlight her blunt AF moments, like when she knows Moira's wearing a wig, and tells her just that. Of course, there are also the sweet heart-to-heart convos Jocelyn has with Moira, along with the many times she genuinely tries to make the Rose family feel welcome in Schitt's Creek.

For all of these reasons, we have no choice but to stan Jocelyn and her bouncy curls. You can easily do this by quoting some of Jocelyn's best Schitt's Creek lines on your next Instagram post. Whether you capture a selfie of your best attempt at making a Dorito casserole or channeling one of Jocelyn's hairstyles, any of these Jocelyn Schitt quotes will show you're the Schitt just like her.


1. "I know, it's a wig."

2. "Thank you, it's been a hectic morning."

3. "She does give a mean scalp massage."

4. "Somebody decided to do a synchronized swimming routine at 2 a.m."

5. "Little girls' spa day, on me!"

6. "Between you and me, people are noticing you."

7. "I hope everybody likes a cheese ball."

8. "He had a bad burrito."

9. "If you ever need to just go somewhere to unwind and have some pampering, I know a great place."

10. "Well, it is tonight."

11. "It's like 50 shades of Johnny Rose."


12. "I have been down this road."

13. "It's times like this I wish I had your eye for decorating and party planning."

14. "This little butterfly is quite the writer."

15. "You are a hit."

16. "This is just a little refresh."

17. "I've been on a real Dorito casserole kick lately."

18. "And here I thought you were against this type of campaigning."

19. "I thought, why not share the love?"

20. "Of course I wouldn't want to create a conflict of interest."

21. "I booked you a mani, too."

22. "You will be horror-struck."

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