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Celebrate 'Hannah Montana's 15th Anniversary With These Quotes For *True Friends*

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The year is 2006, and you and your friends are chilling in front of the TV with Oreos, watching the latest episodes of Hannah Montana. Miley told Lilly her big secret — you know, how she's an international pop star? — and now they're having adventures in Malibu. Well, what if we told you those episodes aired a whopping 15 years ago? Yes, believe it or not, some of your favorite Hannah Montana quotes, scenes, and friendship moments are seriously that old.

The Disney Channel series premiered on March 24, 2006, and all we can say is, "Sweet niblets!" It's hard to believe that time has gone by that fast, and that it's been over a decade since you first heard the lyrics to tracks like "This is the Life" and "The Best of Both Worlds." Back then, you were just starting to call your friends your "BFFs," learning how to send a text, and rocking the cutest pairs of boot-cut jeans. (They might have been a little bedazzled, too.) Social media didn't exist quite yet, so you weren't posting your memories online and thinking of Hannah Montana quotes to pair with your pics.

Luckily, social media exists now, so you can post your favorite memories with your true friends and relive the simpler days. You can reminisce on when you'd do the bone dance in class, pretend that ketchup was just a moisturizer, and your long-term friendships began to form. These Hannah Montana quotes will make the nostalgia so real, and work as the best captions for your throwback pics.


1. "My friends, aren't they something?" — Miley

2. "We talk about it and work it out. Just like family." — Miley

3. "True friends will go to the ends of the earth until they find the things you need." — Miley

4. "As I was saying, friendship means a lot to me." — Miley

5. "For what? Being the best friend I've ever had?" — Miley

6. "Nothing but my memories, which will fade too, too quickly." — Lilly

7. "They love me! But I disgust them." — Miley

8. "I just want to do this for you, so please let me." — Lilly

9. "You're always there cheering me on." — Miley

10. "Oh, girl. You are in the zone-y." — Lilly

11. "I know we're close, but this is just ridiculous." — Miley

12. "Why aren't you happy dancing?" — Lilly

13. "No, thanks. I'm gonna dance with my best friend." — Miley

14. "We'll be together. Best friends forever!" — Miley

15. "Are you trying to tell me that this shirt doesn't go with this hair?" — Lilly

16. "You could do anything, and I could handle it." — Lilly

17. "Anything you wanna tell me girl to girl? Best friend to best friend?" — Miley

18. "That wasn't your 'I'm your best friend and I'd do anything for you' hug." — Lilly

19. "I'm talking mega popularity here for both of us." — Lilly

20. "If you were my best friend, you'd want this for me." — Lilly

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