Miley Cyrus revealed she wants a 'Hannah Montana' reboot.

Miley Cyrus Wants A 'Hannah Montana' Reboot & TBH, She Should Direct It


In the decade since Hannah Montana ended, Miley Cyrus has not always spoken very fondly of her blonde alter-ego, but it sounds like she is having a change of heart. Over the years, the singer has opposed putting that blonde wig back on to reprise her breakthrough role, but she's been having so much fun posting old Hannah Montana clips in 2020 that she recently admitted she'd be totally down to bring Hannah back to TV screens. You heard that right — Miley Cyrus wants a Hannah Montana reboot, and she's so invested in the idea that she wants to direct it as well.

Most Cyrus fans are familiar with the star's less-than-glowing words about her time on Hannah Montana since she parted ways with Disney Channel in the early 2010s. When she hosted SNL in 2013, Cyrus used her opening monologue to say Hannah Montana was murdered. In later interviews, she opened up about how playing the character damaged her psyche and gave her body image issues. In 2017, she said she would not do a Hannah Montana reboot, but she is singing a different tune in 2020.

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Fans have noticed Cyrus has posted fun clips from Hannah Montana much more frequently this year, and she doesn't seem to have the same aversion to her Disney Channel alter-ego anymore. In a new interview with the radio show Carolina with Greg T in the Morning, Cyrus said she's ready to resurrect Hannah and give her a makeover.

You know what, honestly, I try to put that wig on all the time. She’s just in storage collecting dust and I’m ready to whip her out… The opportunity will present itself. I definitely would like to resurrect her at some point. She needs a big makeover because she’s kinda stuck in 2008, so we’ll need to go shopping with Miss Montana. And also yeah, I’d love to do a series again. I think it would be hard for me to get locked into a sound stage for a couple years, but that’s sometime in the future and hopefully I’m directing it.

As Cyrus noted, a full reboot series will probably be difficult for her right now since she's kind of busy being a massive pop star, but she seemed confident that some sort of Hannah Montana revival will happen eventually.

Most recently, Cyrus released her new single "Midnight Sky," an '80s-inspired synth-pop track that samples Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen." The song serves as the lead single from her upcoming album She Is Miley Cyrus, which is expected to drop later in 2020.