18 Cute Texts To Send Your Crush When You Miss Them

by Christy Piña

There's no giddy feeling like the one you get when you have a crush. Getting to know someone new is exciting, but a crush can also be a little nerve-racking. You want to show them you're interested without coming on too strong, but you also want to spend all your free time together because you like them so much! It's a hard balance. You might even start to miss them when they're not around, and if you're not sure what to say but you still want them to know it, these texts to send your crush when you miss them might be helpful to keep in your back pocket.

It's tricky, because having a crush on someone is different than dating them. You're still trying to get to know them, but real feelings are developing, and it's hard not to go all-in right away if they're still getting to know you, too. But being vulnerable over text while still maintaining a level of "chill" is key. It's important to be honest and real, but because the relationship is still new, sending messages that match that level of casualness is important.

Whether you want to be straight and to the point with an "I miss you" text, or a little more subtle, like inviting them to join you and some friends out, one of these 18 texts may work perfectly for you.

1. I miss you.

2. The other night was so fun, we should do it again some time soon!

3. There's this new [*insert new activity, exhibit, movie, etc.*] that we should check out this weekend.

4. Is it Saturday yet? (Or whenever you have plans to see them next!)

5. Hey, I'm heading to [*insert place here*] with some friends, you're welcome to join and bring friends, if you want!

6. I saw [*insert something they would appreciate*], and it made me think of you.

7. I was just going about my day when you crept into my mind, I hope you have a nice day!

8. It was so nice running into you the other day, maybe we can do it on purpose next time.

9. I think our lips should meet again soon.

10. When can I see you again?

11. Miss me yet?

12. I started watching Game of Thrones [or any other show they recommended], and I actually really like it. Care to watch with me some time this weekend?

13. Ugh, I have this thing I need to go to for work later. Come with me and make it bearable, pretty please?

14. I'm excited to see you later! It's going to be so fun.

15. Hey you, what are you up to tonight?

16. Taking a coffee break, care to join?

17. My dog wanted me to tell you that she misses you.

18. Hey, stranger. Stop being a stranger.

Regardless of how long you've been crushing on this person, it's perfectly OK to be missing them, even if it's only been a few weeks. You're allowed to feel however you feel, and if you want to let your crush know you're missing them a little extra tonight, do it! Whether or not they feel the same way, your flirty text is bound to put a smile on their face. Who knows where it could lead?