These commitment tattoos to get with your partner show that love is permanent.
17 Commitment Tattoos To Get With Your SO To Show Your Love Is Permanent

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There are lots of ways to show someone that you're devoted to them for life — beyond the conventional acts of getting engaged and married, wearing wedding rings, and exchanging vows. In fact, one might argue that there's hardly a more permanent way to express your love than by etching it into your skin. If you're thinking about going that route, there's a wide variety of commitment tattoos to get with your partner. Ultimately, finding the right design comes down to choosing symbols, images, and words that best reflect what makes your relationship special.

A commitment tattoo can be something you get in addition to or in place of an engagement ring if you're tying the knot — or it can be a way to demonstrate your everlasting promise to love each other if you don't believe in marriage. When starting to plan your commitment tattoos, a great place to start is to think about your shared interests and passions, or song lyrics, quotes, and poetry that holds special significance to you. Even a specific date or location that's meaningful to your relationship can be incorporated into the design.

While choosing the perfect design is obviously a super personal process, sometimes it helps to get an idea of the vast range of possibilities for commitment tattoos. From minimalist, simplistic designs to more elaborate masterpieces, here's some ink inspiration to get the ball rolling.

For Your Other Half

Remember those friendship necklaces and bracelets consisting of two puzzle pieces of a heart? Similarly, these commitment tats show that you and your SO fit together perfectly, and in a way, "complete" each other. The corresponding words "All that you are is..." and "All that I'll never need" form a complete phrase that pretty much sums up the significance of your relationship. Fun fact: Wolves represent loyalty, making them a fitting addition to this design.

A Simple Phrase

If your SO makes you feel secure and protected, then you very well may have found "The One" — and these four little words are a simple yet sweet reminder of that.

Regal & Romantic

These matching tatts are packed with all kinds of meaningful info, including first initials. The corresponding crowns represent co-leadership, and the Roman numerals are a reminder of the date on which they made a lifelong commitment.

Two Hearts, One Love

What better way to demonstrate that you both wear your hearts on your sleeves? This matching sketch is understated yet romantic AF.

A Love With Roots

There's something innately romantic about trees — maybe it's their ability to stay rooted and grounded, and to grow and thrive, no matter the weather or circumstances. More specifically, the birch tree is considered sacred in the Celtic mythology, as it symbolizes new beginnings. What could be more perfect for marking the beginning of a new chapter in your everlasting love story?

Watercolor Whimsy

As they say, a picture says a thousand words, and that's definitely true of this stunning couple's tattoo.

Hummingbirds not only represent joy and adaptability, but they also hold special meaning in many cultures — in Central America, it's believed they'll bring love to anyone who spots them, and some Indigenous people believe they are healers and bringers of good luck.

This design adds another element of romance because while each image is beautiful on its own, their arms need to be touching for the full work of art to be complete.

To The Moon & Back

Suns and moons are super popular choices for commitment tattoos, and for a very good reason. These images represent two opposing powers that balance each other out, not unlike yin and yang.

Commitment Coordinates

If there's a specific location that's meaningful to your relationship — say, where you met, said "yes" to a proposal, or promised to spend the rest of your life together — you can etch the geographic coordinates on your skin so you'll always remember it. This design adds another element of romance because their arms need to be touching for the image to be complete.

The Red String Of Fate

In both Japanese and Chinese cultures, the legend of "The Red String of Fate" indicates that two people who are connected by this thread are destined to be together — in other words, they are soul mates. Many couples also opt to get a red string tattooed around their fingers.

Cupid's Arrow

A tattoo on your ring fingers offers a nod to tradition, and this elegant design is particularly sweet because it requires you to align your fingers to achieve the full picture.

A Forever Promise

In traditional wedding vows, you promise to "have and to hold" your partner "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health." These corresponding tattoos sum that up nicely, by succinctly expressing that you'll always be there — no matter where and no matter what.

Cute As A Compass

A compass is rich in symbolic meaning. This instrument is used to find your way in the world, which when you think about it, is super relevant to relationships. The star compass, which is depicted in these tattoos, has historically been used by sailors to orient themselves while out at sea. What better way to demonstrate that you and your partner are never lost without each other, and that you're committed to helping each other navigate through life?

Fit For A King & Queen

If you're looking for a subtler way to prove your devotion, consider matching tattoos on the insides of your fingers, which are only somewhat hidden from sight. This set is perfect for the couple who wants to their cards out on the table (pun very much intended), and who feels like they've found the King and Queen of their hearts.

Wine Lovers, Rejoice

Couples can simultaneously show off their love of wine and their love for each other with a design like this one, which includes an important date along the glass stem as well as on the bottle's label. The message is loud and clear: "You fill me up."

Anchors Away

Did you know that the anchor represents hope, calmness, and steadfastness? That makes it a phenomenal image to include in commitment tattoos. After all, an anchor literally functions to keep a boat grounded and table — so this design could offer a way of saying that you and your partner do the same for each other.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Calling all Bachelor fans: This tattoo design offers a sweet way to show you've finally handed out your final rose. BTW, roses have long been a symbol of passion — in fact, in ancient Greece and Rome, this flower was associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

"Pining" For You

Pine trees hold significant meaning in many cultures throughout the world — in addition to representing fertility and wisdom, they also symbolize longevity since they can withstand a wide range of harsh climates and weather changes. So, if you've got a resilient love that you truly believe can survive any trials and tribulations, there's hardly a better image to include in your commitment tattoo.

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