16 Engagement Tattoos If Rings Aren't Your Style, Because Love Is Forever

If you don't like wearing things on your hands or you've never been into jewelry, you may be wondering how you and your partner can symbolically celebrate tying the knot. Rest assured, when you've said "yes" to a wedding and want the world to know it, there are plenty of ways to show your love for your partner that don't include a rock. If you're looking for some inspiration, consider this your "Engagement Tattoos If Rings Aren't Your Style" Pinterest board, hand selected for you and your needs.

When it comes to planning a wedding, there's no one way to do it. Although your mom or sister may obsess over their engagement rings, you don't need to feel any pressure to follow anyone's vision but your own. Your wedding is yours. If you're more into necklaces or bracelets, or you're tired of jewelry all together, rocking your engagement in whatever way feels right for you is what's right for you.

If you're not afraid of needles or you're terrified of needles but are going to get a tat anyway (go you!), these 16 engagement tattoo ideas may be the perfect way to solidify that your love is forever — literally.

Your Pet Names/The Names Of Your Literal Pet

If you and your partner always call each other "honey," getting a small honey pot or wand could be a special way to celebrate your love. Of course, if you share a literal pet, getting your pet's name or a cute picture of your pet can be a great tattoo, too.

Home Sweet Home

If you and your boo live together or you always rent the same cabin in the winter, getting a little drawing of your house can be a cute way to symbolize the life you've built together. If you both love camping or you got engaged at the lake, a little tent or log cabin can be an adorable tattoo.

Symbolism From Where You Got Engaged

Getting a tattoo of the palm trees on the beach where you got engaged or of another memory from the day of your literal engagement can remind you forever of the moment you said "yes."

A Forever Ring

Getting a tattoo of a ring, or a tattoo on your finger where a ring could be, can be a cute way to show the world you're engaged. If you work with your hands and can't wear jewelry, or rings aren't you thing, swapping metal for ink can be the move for you.

Memorabilia From Where You're From

If you're totally a beach person and your partner lives for the mountains, getting each other's favorite landscapes or symbols from each other's hometowns can be a great way to show your boo how much you love them.

Marie Kondo Style

Minimal tattoos are totally in. Getting a line or a small symbol matching your partner can be a low-key way to symbolize your love. If you're not into big tattoos or you want something that you can hide when you want to cover it up, a minimal engagement tattoo may be your style.

A Place Marker

Getting a tattoo to remember a specific place or time that is special to you and your partner can be a great way to symbolize your love. A tattoo of the place you had your first date or the picnic blanket where you shared your first kiss can remind you of your special place forever.

A Song Or Poem You Both Love

If you and your partner have a song that's "yours" or there's a poem or story you both love, getting it tattooed on you can be a beautiful memory. If word tattoos aren't your thing, an image from the song or poem can be totally cute. If words and images are your thing, a cute combination can show and tell how you feel.

Tiny Hearts

A heart tattoo is a classic. If you and your partner are totally in love, getting small heart tattoos can remind you of them whenever you look down. If you're more into stars or flowers, get whatever little symbol speaks to you! (My friend's life partner is really into skateboarding and they got tiny little skateboard tattoos and it is literally so cute.)

A Forever Love Note

Getting a tattoo in each other's handwriting is like carrying around a love note with you wherever you go. If you and your partner always say the same thing to each other or if you have little nicknames for each other, getting your special message in their handwriting adds a personal touch.

A Food Inspired Tat

Sometimes the way to your heart is through your stomach. If you and your partner both love oranges or you went apple picking on your first date, getting a food tattoo can be a cute way to savor your yummy memories.


Hand tattoos are super cute. Whether you get two hands doing a pinky promise or a line drawing of two people holding hands, a hand tattoo can be a sweet way to show the world that you're in love.

Each Other's Zodiac Signs

Getting tattoos of each other's zodiac signs or constellations can be a way to show your love while tapping into your spiritual side. Whether you're super into astrology or you just like how it looks (which is totally cool, too, no shame here!), astrology tattoos can show your boo you love them to the moon and back.

A Present They Gave You

If you and your partner went thrifting on your first date and found an amazing mug with Smoky The Bear on it, or they gave you an amazing jewelry box for your first anniversary, getting a drawing of a sentimental item or memory can be a sweet way to show your love.


If you already have your wedding flowers picked out, or your partner always brought you peonies, matching floral tattoos can be a beautiful way to celebrate your engagement.

Call And Response

If your partner is the Mulder to your Scully or you have an inside joke you repeat to each other, getting a call and response tattoo can really bond you forever.

Getting an engagement tattoo can be the perfect way to solidify your love for your partner. Whether you prefer an engagement tat instead of a ring, or in addition to one, it can be totally romantic to seal your love with ink.