19 Matching Tiny Tattoos That Will Inspire You And Your BFF To Get Inked

by Emily Arata

I'm in a long-distance relationship. It's not one with a dude, but with my best friend.

We're half a country apart, limited to every-other-year vacations together, daily Snapchats and weekly phone calls. I'd almost say long-distance friendship is harder than the romantic kind because it isn't just date nights and bubble baths you miss.

It's the constant commitment, the being with you after you've eaten two boxes of mac 'n cheese. Sometimes, she'll even braid your hair if you're too lazy to do it.

Couples get engagement rings to pledge their undying love, so what do best friends get?

(Psst: That's our very own Brittany Leitner.)

If you believe Instagram and Kendall Jenner, then it's matching tattoos.

These best friends got inked with paper airplanes, a gentle reminder to drop a line.

If hammerhead sharks are your thing, then go for this.

Don't be afraid to commemorate a trip you took together.

The ink doesn't have to be oversized to get the point across.

Antlers, anybody?

Or, maybe an eyeball is more your style.

For some pals, a simple "hugs and kisses" will do.

Promise to fly and see her.

Or reminder her you love her every day.

Simply put, your BFF is the sun to your moon.

She's pinky promised to always be there for you.

Friendship keeps you grounded.

And a best girlfriend will shape your entire life.

Avocadon't underestimate how weird you can get with your design.

Sorry, that was my only pun.

Be bold, and stay unique.

That's what BFFs do.