These texts to send to cancel a FaceTime Date are super respectful.

15 Texts To Send When You Need To Cancel A FaceTime Date

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So you matched with a cutie on Hinge and set up a FaceTime date to chat "IRL." You've been looking forward to your date all week — asking your besties for outfit advice, pondering your cocktail of choice for the occasion, and embracing those inevitable jitters as you brainstorm conversation starters. But unfortunately, for one reason or another, something came up and you can't make your virtual date after all. Luckily, there are plenty of texts to send to cancel a FaceTime Date that are not only respectful, but also reassure your date you're still totally into them.

Of course, the message you send will largely depend on your specific circumstances. Are you starting to come down with something? Not feeling like yourself? Did a work emergency pop up? All of these factors will come into play when you're crafting your text. But regardless of your reason for needing to cancel, the most important thing is that you give your date the courtesy of a heads up, and that you're as forthcoming with them as possible. As cliché as it might sound, honesty is the best policy — especially when you're bailing out of plans, and even if you do fully intend to reschedule.

Canceling a FaceTime date over text may feel uncomfortable, but clear communication is oh-so-crucial to building a strong foundation with your crush. If you want to let your date down as gently as possible while still keeping the momentum rolling, send them one of the texts below.


When You’re Feeling Under The Weather

Whether you’ve got a nasty cold or you're battling brutal allergies, there’s no reason you have to follow through on those FaceTime plans if you're not up for it. After all, it’s hard to make a good impression when you’re sneezing or blowing your nose every five seconds. If your date has an ounce of empathy, they'll totally understand you'd rather reschedule, so just be straight with them — but no need to go into great detail about your symptoms (that's just #TMI).

1. Woof... I think I caught something that's going around, and let's just say my body isn't in date night mode. How about we reschedule to later this week? So excited to see you!

2. I've been so psyched about our FaceTime date all week — but unfortunately, I think I'm coming down with something. Sorry to cancel last minute, but I'd love to find another time to hang with you once I'm feeling better!

3. Ugh, really sorry to bail like this but I feel like I'm getting sick. I'd much rather be going on a FaceTime date with you, but sadly, I think I have to change my plans to NyQuil and napping! What does the rest of your week look like?

4. I contemplated keeping our FaceTime plans tonight even though I'm getting sick, but TBH, I don't think I'd be super fun. What do you say we rain check? It'll give me something to look forward to while I'm fighting this thing off.

5. Basically the only thing that could stop me from seeing you on FaceTime tonight is getting sick, and well — it's happened. Do you happen to be free any other nights coming up?

When Another Obligation Comes Up

Maybe you totally blanked on your plans to hang with your sister, a sudden family emergency came up, or that deadline for a work project is approaching faster than you expected. Either way, reiterate your interest so they don't think you're flaking on them or making up excuses to bail. You can even offer up a suggested date or time to reschedule, so they know how badly you want to see them again.

6. So sorry, but I suddenly have to put out a fire at my job so I can't make our FaceTime date. For the record, I'd much rather be hanging with you. When are you free this week?

7. I was sooo looking forward to our date tonight... but this deadline at work really crept up on me! Can we find another night for our virtual hang?

8. Wow, I totally spaced out on something I have to do with my family tonight. I'd still really love to see you soon — can you let me know when you're free?

9. Hey! I'm really bummed, but I need to cancel our date to take care of something — let me know when you're able to reschedule and we'll try this again!

10. Super sorry to be doing this last minute, but something just came up and I won't be able to hop on FaceTime. Rain check? You name the date and time and I promise we'll make it happen!


When You're Just Not Up For It

Dealing with some serious anxiety on the day of your date? Trying to fight off a case of #SundayScaries that have you feeling down? Those are both totally legit reasons to reschedule.

11. Feeling a little off today, TBH, and I want to be on my game for our date. Can we reschedule for another night this week?

12. A little overwhelmed today, and I don't think I'd be the best date tonight (and you deserve the best!) — how about a rain check?

13. I've been really excited about our date, but for some reason, I'm not feeling like myself today. You happen to be free tomorrow or the next night?

14. Ever wake up feeling like you're just not at 100%? That's me today. I'd looove to reschedule so you can get to know my true charming self on our date!

15. Dang, I'm kind of a struggle bus today. You down to reschedule our date? That way I can sort through some stuff and be fully present for ya.

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