Lifestyle — How To Survive The Sunday Scaries
by Sierra Jiminez

Sundays can be great: unlimited mimosa brunches, friends and family and maybe even a nice day in the park.

But, what isn't so great are Sunday evenings. You know what I'm talking about. It's that feeling you get around 5 pm on Sunday when you realize the next day is Monday.

That feeling is called the “Sunday scaries.” Suddenly, your carefree, day-drinking self is overcome with the anxiety of what you didn't accomplish over the weekend and what you have to tackle on Monday. The real world is beckoning, and it's filled with a lot of “adult” responsibilities.

Maybe you've got 20 pounds of laundry to tackle or some last minute work to finish up. Whatever it is, cramming it into the wee hours of Sunday night won't do you any good or help you start the week off right -- and you'll surely regret it when you wake up feeling rushed and hungover on Monday morning.

So instead of panicking this Sunday, maybe try a few different tactics to better prepare yourself for the beginning of the week.

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