15 Memes About Living With A Partner That You’ll Want To Hang On The Fridge

There's no wrong or right time to decide you're ready to move in with your partner, but there is a right time to look at memes. That time is all the time. Whether you've just started living together or have shared a space for while, these memes about living with a partner will hit close to home. The home you now both share. In sickness and in health, in Bachelorette season and in wedding season. Although, small pet peeves, like trails of dirty laundry or leaving lights on when you go to work, pale in comparison to the joys of living together (and the joys of paying half the rent and utilities, holla!) it's easy to get frustrated or flustered when first living with your special someone.

Moving in together is a big step in a long-term relationship. There's nothing casual about splitting your water bill or joint grocery shopping, let alone trying to find space for both party's clothes. With the little stresses that can come in any living situation, it can be healthy to take time to step back and laugh. From fighting over phone chargers, to blanket stealing, and feeling pressure to choose where to eat (getting secondhand anxiety just thinking about that one) here are 15 memes you'll want to print out and hang in your joint abode.

Swiper, No Swiping!
supercoolmemes2 on Instagram

Learn to share or you're sleeping in a sleeping bag.

The Daily Dish
mmeme_star_123 on Instagram

Maybe somebody could do the dishes. For once.

If It Looks Cute On me, It's Mine, Right?

Sharing is caring! And hey, it saves some laundry time.

Can We Fix It?
supercoolmemes2 on Instagram

Unclear to me how the Swiss remain politically neutral when all their furniture is aneurysm-inducing.

(I know Ikea is Swedish, but that's not the joke.)

Gotta Have Options!
lackiefoodie on Instagram

At least give some suggestions I can reject.

Less Is More
supercoolmemes2 on Instagram

Or shoes. Or hiking gear. Or rare succulents.

Hotling Bling

I love you enough to tell you to use the downstairs bathroom.

Meeting Halfway
supercoolmemes2 on Instagram

Honestly, I'm a dog person, but I like respect what's happening here.

TV Dinner
supercoolmemes2 on Instagram

Extra points for a movie!

Let It Out
supercoolmemes2 on Instagram

Once both our names are on that lease in ink, I am not responsible for holding in any bodily fluid or function.

In The Kitchen, Wrist-Twistin'

We can bulk up on silverware that we will never use because we eat take-out nightly.

When Bae Can't Read Your Mind
supercoolmemes2 on Instagram

If you live with me, you better know the brand of lavender infused Jojoba oil I use and that I'm lying when I say I don't want those sea salt dark-chocolate covered caramels.

supercoolmemes2 on Instagram

Listen, in this life, you need to make food shopping fun or food shopping won't happen.

It Adds Up!
supercoolmemes2 on Instagram

Well dressed + lazy = Rocky Mountain Range of clothes.

Needs And Wants

I was probably being a b*tch, which gave you the tipoff. But nonetheless, I didn't have to ask for you to go be nice, so it's a win.

Moving in with your boo is like a never-ending slumber party — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you're hanging. Sharing space is a deeper way to bond and grow together, and can be a good trial period to see where the relationship is heading. When sharing a roof, communication is key. You'll both want to feel comfy and cozy, in the place you call home. Here's to many more night snuggled together, eating cheap Chinese takeout, with both names on the mailbox.