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15 Dating App Opening Lines To Send To Dog Lovers That’ll Make Breaking The Ice Less Ruff

When it comes to dating apps, I am super shy about making the first move. Sure, I'm brave when it comes to swiping, but actually initiating a conversation? Yeah, not so much. I know I can't be the only one who has this same struggle, either. What I end up doing, if I am really feeling someone enough to get over my nerves, is try to find something I have in common with them and maybe make a cheesy joke. So, if you happen to spy a pup in their profile, having dating app opening lines to send dog lovers handy can make the whole reaching out think a lot less intimidating.

I'm not going to lie, some of these opening lines are corny AF, but to me that's the best kind of icebreaker. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than someone who thinks they are too cool. I want to know right away if someone is going to share my attitude and goofy sense of humor. If that's the case for you too, then lean into it. Send them a message that's maybe a little ruff around the edges but will have the right match begging for more. Hey, I warned you, I keep it cheesy.

1. Cute dog! I just wanted to take this op-paw-tunity to say hi! So… hi!

2. I just gotta say, you and your pup are looking awfully fetching in your photos.

3. Honestly, it was im-paws-ible not to swipe right on that photo of you and your dog. So cute!

4. What do you say to you, me, and our dog getting together sometime to raise the ruff?

5. I may be more of a cat person, but for you I’d be willing to go to the bark side.

6. You love dogs. I love dogs. I think we may just be the paw-fect match.

7. I don't want to make the faux-paw of coming on strong, but dang your dog is adorable so I couldn’t resist.

8. Oh my god, your dog is so adorable! Can pet you… er.. him... I mean can I pet him?

9. I don't normally make the first move, but there was just something dif-fur-ent about your photos.

10. I love dogs, you love dogs, it's just me or is there some real pet-tential here?

11. Aww what’s your pup’s name? He has such a sweet face.

12. Heya, howl you doin'? Yikes, sorry that was a ruff start.

13. Hi! Tell me a funny story about your dog. I know you’ve got one.

14. Your profile pic is so cute. The human isn’t too bad looking either.

15. We seem to be into a lot of the same things, dogs included. We should get together some time and see what we unleash.

OK, so some of these were silly, but honestly, shouldn't dating be fun? Don't be afraid to keep it light, a little goofy, and totally approachable when you initiate the conversation. If they aren't into it, well, that's a bummer, but there are plenty of other cute pups in the dog park, if you know what I'm saying.