15 Pawsome Dating App Opening Lines For Dog Lovers

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Making the first move on a dating app can be intimidating for anyone, especially if you're not used to initiating the conversation. The good news is that it doesn't have to be. One great way to help with taking the leap is to focus on something the two of you have in common when you reach out. For example, if you're both dog lovers, take the lead by letting them know just how adorable their pup is. Not only can flattering their pooch make for a great dating app opening line for dog lovers, but it's a natural jumping-off point for further conversation. After all, what dog lover doesn't want to gush about their pooch? It also doesn't hurt to keep things light and maybe and even a little cheesy in order to create a relaxed and friendly mood. Because if there's one thing people like almost as much as their dog, it's having a laugh.

If you're still not sure how to break the ice, no worries. Here are some dog-loving inspired opening lines to help unleash your chatting confidence. Who knows, one of these lines may just be the first step to finding your next puppy love.

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1. Hi! Just wanted to say your dog is so adorable! And you’re not so bad either.

2. I know we’ve just swiped, but I see some real pet-tential here.

3. Hi, when I saw the pic of your pup it was im-paws-ible not to swipe right.

4. Just wanted to say hi to you and your adorable dog. I hope I’m not barking up the wrong tree. Sorry, that was ruff.

5. As soon as I saw those puppy dog eyes, I had to swipe right. And it didn’t hurt that you're a fine-lookin' mother pupper, too.

6. Normally I’m not shy about sending the first message, but when I saw that photo with your dog, it was im-paws-ible to resist.

7. What's the funniest thing your dog's ever done? He’s so cute!

8. You love dogs, I love dogs... is it just me, or could we be the paw-fect match?

9. Heya, I just wanted to take this op-paw-tunity to say how cute you and your dog look in your pics.

10. Please fur-give me if I'm being too forward, but can I pet your dog?

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11. Who's got six legs and just made it to the top of my must-meet list? You and your pooch!

12. I've been swiping left non-stop, but when I saw that pic of you with your dog, I just had to paws.

13. Wow, what a fetching photo! How could I possibly not say hello?

14. Well, I know we have at least one thing in common... we think your dog is the cutest ever.

15. I bet you thought putting a picture of you with your dog on here would make people stop and say hello. Well, mission accomplished. Hi!

While taking the plunge and sending the first message on a dating app can be a bit nerve wracking, with these opening lines you definitely won't miss out on any more aww-paw-tunities for romance.

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