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14 Q&A Ideas For Instagram Live That Will Spill The Good Vibes & Tea

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Going on Instagram Live may be one of your favorite ways to pass time. Next to watching your favorite shows on Netflix and doing DIY projects that'll end up on your TikTok feed, connecting with your followers is so rewarding. So far, you may have cooked for everyone in real time and played games with your SO. Give these Q&A ideas for Instagram Live a try next, and spill the good vibes and piping hot tea.

Carve out an hour of your afternoon and talk about your crushes from high school, tell your most embarrassing stories, and dish your go-to brands for tie-dye sweatsuits and comfy clothes galore. Take this time to rant about the Game of Thrones finale, and who you think should've won the Iron Throne (TBH, you'll never get over how it actually ended.) Start conversations in the comments section over the best flavors of ice cream and places to take a #vacay.

You'll find yourself radiating with positivity by the time you're done, or feeling a little scandalous after spilling the tea. Are you ready to go live on Instagram and get right into these 14 Q&A ideas? Sweet — let's not waste another minute then.

What's One Thing That Made You Smile Today?
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Get the good vibes flowing right off the bat, OK? Tell your loyal followers what's made you smile today or what you're the most grateful for. Anything from your best friends, to your workout, to a snack in your cabinet goes.

If You Had To Wear One Outfit In Your Closet For A Week, What Would It Be?

Let's be honest: There's one specific outfit in your closet you'd gladly wear every day if it were socially acceptable. You'd throw it on because it's comfy or makes you feel beautiful inside and out. Dish on it to your followers, and maybe even pull it out of your closet for them to see.

Would You Ever Move To Another Country?

Whether you're an avid traveler or not, you should answer this pressing question and then explain your answer. Why wouldn't you move to a place like Italy where there's unbelievable food, or why would you want to move to the Netherlands? Get real.

What Would Be Your Most Perfect Date?

Send a signal to your crush or love interest and describe your perfect date on Instagram Live. Paint a picture for the people who are tuned in of what kind of food you'd eat or film you'd watch. Somebody may end up sliding into your DMs later on.

What's Your Favorite Movie Scene Of All Time?
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If you love popping popcorn and spending your weekends at home watching the latest movies, then you'll love answering this question. It may be tricky at first, but you'll likely find a scene that stands out amongst the rest. Your followers may agree and comment with some fire emojis.

What's The Biggest Difference Between You And Your SO?

Your SO is your other half, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few differences between you two. Try to name a positive difference and then see if your partner agrees. Be prepared with a napkin in case you end up spilling some tea.

If You Had To Give Up A Social Media App, Which One Would It Be?

There are likely a ton of social media apps on your phone. On a daily basis, you probably scroll through them all to catch up with your friends and the latest news. It would probably be a challenge to give one up, but this question begs you to make that tough decision.

What Are Your Top Three Favorite Snacks?

Give the snacks in your cabinet a shoutout on Instagram Live, and answer this tasty question. What will make the cut? Those brownie crisps from Trader Joe's or Doritos Cool Ranch? The competition is hot and fierce.

What's Your Routine Like In The Morning?

Whether your morning routine consists of a meditation sesh and journaling, or simply waking up and brushing your teeth, you should let your followers know via Instagram Live. Take them into a day in your life, and give them the scoop on the coffee you drink, too.

What's One Piece Of Advice You'd Want To Give Your Younger Self?

Time travel isn't real yet. But, if you could talk to your younger self, what piece of advice would you give them? Some people may say to be more confident or to try out an art class. Give your answer and then ask your followers to contribute theirs.

What's Your Favorite Kind Of Workout?

Do you enjoying opening up a yoga app on your phone and rolling out your mat in the morning? Do you prefer tossing your running shoes on and jogging a mile in the afternoon? Spill the ~fitness~ tea to your followers on Instagram Live.

Where's Your Happy Place?
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Most of us have somewhere in the world we call our "happy place." For some, it's the city they studied abroad in during college. For others, it's anywhere they're able to cuddle with their SO. Where's your happy place? Everyone wants the 411.

If Somebody Dared You To Go Skydiving, Would You Do It?

Some questions you can answer during a Q&A on Instagram Live will reveal parts of your personality. For example, they may reveal if you're a daredevil, creative, or an introvert. If you're answering this question, in particular, you'll find out how willing you are to go outside of your comfort zone.

Do You Prefer Traveling To A Beach Or City?

Last but not least, tap into your wanderlust and love for travel, and tell your followers if you prefer taking a vacation to a city or the beach. Give them a detailed explanation, and see which followers agree with your response. It'll be a sweet and simple way to wrap up your Instagram Live.

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