Use These 13 Crystals To Banish Bad Breakup Vibes & Get Your Mojo Back

I love crystals. They're magical, beautiful, and feel like a good luck charm just for you. If you've bought a crystal or two, chances are they're a gorgeous fixture of your Instagram-worthy coffee table tableau, but crystals can be so much more. Each crystal has a purpose and a use, aside from being nice to look at. They can enhance your creativity, productivity, and energy, so of course, there are also crystals to use after a breakup to help you deal with your heartbreak. When you're reeling from a breakup, you might reach for the remote, a tissue, or a glass of wine, but consider reaching for a crystal, too.

I stopped by my local crystal store and talked to Yuri Gomez, shop director of holistic healing center Liberate Emporium in Los Angeles, about the best crystals to help you process a breakup. I first asked her, on behalf of crystal newbies, how to "use them." She says to hold your crystal, sit with it, and meditate or be thoughtful. She continues, "Let the crystal take you on a journey, think of your intention or reason for using it, and allow energy to flow and pictures and visions to arise." She recommends doing this in the morning for anywhere from five to 20 minutes, to set the tone for your day. Per her expert advice, here are 13 crystals that each have specific powers and properties to help you through every step of dealing with a breakup.

Rose Quartz For Your Heart
Laura Moses

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, so think of this stone as your BFF, the first person you reach out to tell about your breakup. Rose Quartz attracks kindness, brings trust and harmony to relationships, dispels negativity, and promotes self-forgiveness. As you're rehashing details of your relationship and breakup, you might have feelings of regret or guilt, and this lovely, pink crystal will help you process it all.

Malachite For Transformation
Laura Moses

Malachite is the stone of transformation and helps with rebirth, insight, and releasing past trauma. One of the transformative qualities of this crystal is teaching you to take responsibility for your actions. If you're suddenly single, you're going through a transformation of sorts. Part of processing what happened in your relationships is owning your side of the street and acknowledging what you did that contributed to the breakup. This crystal helps with that, so think of Malachite as that friend who gives it to you straight and lovingly calls you out on your sh*t.

Lilac Kunzite For Intuition
Laura Moses

Lilac Kunzite is the stone of divine love, and is a vibrational crystal which means that it has high healing capabilities. Lilac Kunzite releases heart blockages, opens your heart and mind, and strengthens your intuition. A breakup can make you feel like you can't trust yourself or your gut instincts, and this crystal reconnects you to that part of yourself. Think of Lilac Kunzite as your maternal gal pal who encourages you to get back out there, not to date, but to volunteer and interact with people in a charitable and positive way.

Pyrite For Motivation
Laura Moses

Pyrite is the stone of action and strengthens your confidence while also protecting you from external influences and opinions. Breakups can be confidence-shattering and it can also be exhausting to listen to everyone's thoughts on your relationship, why your now-ex is a bad person, and what they think you should do now. Pyrite shields you from this, guards you from manipulation, but most importantly — builds your confidence back up again. Pyrite is your pal who makes you stop stalking your ex on Instagram and takes you to a Cross Fit class.

Citrine For Happiness
Laura Moses

Citrine is the stone of prosperity and enhances happiness, optimism and eases depression. If you have a broken heart, it might seem like being happy is as likely as waking up as Beyoncé, but Citrine's influences strengthen enthusiasm, delight, and motivation. It also boosts your self-esteem and reverses self-destructive behavior, so think of this crystal as the friend who discourages you from drunk-texting your ex and instead takes you out for a fun ladies' night.

Lapis Lazuli For Power
Laura Moses

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of the goddess and is all about reclaiming your power. This stone boosts your intuition, helping you trust your gut again, and harmonizes conflict. Post-breakup, you might feel like you're not in charge of your life, especially if you didn't want to end your relationship, so Lapis Lazuli helps you take charge of your life and regain confidence in your choices and your power. This stone also is a symbol of royalty, so this is your friend who takes you to brunch, orders the bottomless aperol spritz, and reminds you that you're a damn queen.

Septarian For Peace
Laura Moses

Septarian is the stone of peace, which is obviously helpful when you're working to process heartbreak and come to peace with your ex and your past. Septarian enhances inner peace, allows you to see the present in a clearer light, and removes stress and anxiety. If you find yourself rehashing arguments from your relationship or are unable to let go of past issues, this stone is your therapist who matter-of-factly helps you put this relationship and breakup in context of a bigger picture, and helps you reframe the present.

Black Moonstone For Easing Grief
Laura Moses

Black Moonstone is the stone of life cycles and eases grief, allows the changing of life to take place, and encourages new beginnings. Part of processing your breakup may be grieving for the loss of a love and a friend, so Black Moonstone helps you with this. Once you work through that part, you can be receptive to new opportunities and new beginnings. This stone is your friend who has an old soul and will sit with you on the couch when you're just sad, then gently suggest you put on some pants and go for a walk.

Mahogany Obsidian For Purification
Laura Moses

Mahogany Obsidian is the stone of purification and it grounds you, strengthens you, and dispels built up anger. Resentment of your ex, especially if they rebound publicly on social media, can be toxic to you, and Mahogany Obsidian helps you rise above it. This stone also helps you dispel trauma and face your fears, much like that one friend who will always listen to you vent about your ex, while steering you into a party where there's a lot of cute singles waiting.

Chrysoprase For Optimism
Laura Moses

Chrysoprase is the stone of alignment and boosts joy, optimism, and happiness. Doesn't that sound nice? This stone works as an anti-depressant, encouraging self-empowerment and activating your heart. Chrysoprase is also helpful with allowing yourself to let go of grudges, so you just might find it easier to forgive your ex and also to forgive yourself. Think of this stone as your sunniest, happiest friend who always reminds you the glass is half-full and cheers you up by taking you to a really killer sample sale.

Green Kyanite For Growth
Laura Moses

Green Kyanite is the stone of growth and it encourages you to grow, adjust to change, and go with the flow. Breakups are opportunities for growth but it can feel like things are happening to you, and Green Kyanite helps you relax and let the forces of life steer you. This stone also enhances compassion, perhaps like the pal who reminds you everyone goes through hard times and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Rhodochrosite For Positivity
Laura Moses

Rhodochrosite is the stone of positivity which, let's be honest, honey, you could probably use a lot of post-breakup. This stone helps you open your heart again to the possibility of love, brings more light into your life, and encourages spontaneity. Rhodochrosite boosts your creativity, compassion, and happiness, like your friend who reminds you of all the people who have had crushes on you over the years and goes with you on the spur of the moment to get a gorge new haircut.

Rhodonite For Confidence
Laura Moses

Rhodonite is the stone of heart and works to heal emotional wounds in the heart, see both sides of an issue and raises your self-worth. If you feel like you're starting to come out of the woods after a breakup, it's still perfectly normal to have a pang in your heart every now and then. Rhodonite allows you to see your past and present with clarity, understand your ex's perspective, and by doing this, brings peace to your heart. This stone supports you during challenges and aids with acceptance, so think of Rhodonite as your buddy who always picks up when you call, reminds you that you're amazing, and doesn't judge you if, months and months later, you still have sad days.

With this shopping list of crystals, hopefully your breakup process will be easier and be a bit less painful. When you are choosing your crystals, keep in mind there are also so many different sizes of each crystal, and some can be polished or some can be raw, so how on earth do you pick one? Gomez explains, "Choose the crystal you're most drawn to instinctually." So in a way, your crystal chooses you! Whatever stone you're drawn to will work with you to make you shine bright like... well, like a crystal.

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