5 Crystals That Will Bring You Good Luck & Positive Vibes For The New Year

I was recently gifted a variety of healing crystals by a lovely metaphysical expert and healer named Athena. She sent me a collection of crystals in small pouches along with a small guide explaining each one's purported benefits, and I've since been using them to help me with things like meditation, sleep, and everything in between. Whether it's a placebo effect or a real-deal energy movement through crystal vibration, I'm here for it. And as the new year draws ever closer, I'm particularly interested in finding crystals for good luck and positivity in all areas of my life to slide into 2018.

So, if you're not that familiar with crystals, you might be wondering how exactly they're supposed to work. Well, first of all, different crystals are believed to hold different healing properties. It's believed that crystals affect a person's energy fields and are able to absorb, change, move, redirect, rid you of, or attract different energies in and around your body. They can be used in more intensive "crystal healing" sessions by a practiced healer, who might place different combinations of crystals in alignment with your chakras or energy fields with the intention of healing or shifting energy. In general, holding them, placing them on different parts of your body, or carrying the crystals with you is believed to have emotional, spiritual, and/or physical benefits, depending on the particular crystal. Like vitamins, you choose a crystal for a particular purpose, like wanting mental clarity, emotional balance, or even less fatigue.

As a bit of a disclaimer, healing crystals aren't exactly a practice backed by scientific research, nor are the chakra/energy fields they're believed to work on. Some believe the positive benefits of this pseudoscience are simply a placebo effect, because the mind is just that powerful of a machine. But hey, whatever works, right?

Those of us who are interested in using crystals as everyday charms of good luck or positivity might just bring them around in a pouch or keep them near the bed as a practice of setting and remembering good intentions. Or, at least that's what I personally like to do!

If you're interested in delving into the world of crystals, here are a few you might want to check out that are especially great for cultivating a little extra good luck as the year comes to an end and another begins.

New Moon Crystals

NewMoonBeginnings Raw Amethyst Crystal, $2, Etsy

Need luck in making your dreams come true? Try wearing (an often remarkably expensive) necklace of amethyst or simply keeping a little stone in a pouch in your purse. Amethyst is believed to be a "talisman of success" among other things, and it's also said to help in creative endeavors, as it clears and focuses the mind.

Tiger Eye
Skywater Studio

SkywaterStudio Tiger Eye Bracelet, $7, Etsy

Tiger eye — often called the "all-knowing" crystal — is thought to bring you insight and clarity in situations that are challenging or new. They're also believed to be particularly grounding or calming in business situations.

If you're headed into some new challenges or situations, or even just looking for some direction and guidance in the new year, pop one of these bad boys in your pocket or place it right on your "third eye" (between your eyebrows) during relaxation or meditation.

Chic Millies

ChicMillies Chunky Turquoise Necklace, $30, Etsy

Turquoise is straight-up beautiful and also, apparently, a potent source of good fortune. Turquoise is thought to help bring friendship, love, and money into your life. Not bad, not bad at all.

It's long been considered a sacred stone, by the likes of the ancient Egyptians and Incas, and given as a gift with love, it's believed to bring the recipient long-term happiness.

Blue Tor Design

BlueSoulDesigns Green Aventurine Ring, $22, Etsy

Aventurine is said to be the stone of opportunity. If you want good fortune and a boost in your finances, aventurine is the crystal for you.

This crystal is also believed to help people actually win things that are out of mortal control. So, if you happen to be betting on any horses come the new year, or at least getting a scratch-off ticket or something, hold this one in your palm for good luck.

Rose Quartz
Sacred Land Sage

SacredLandSage Jumbo Rose Quartz Raw Chunk, $16, Etsy

This crystal is one of my personal favorites simply because the color is so gosh darn pretty. Rose quartz is thought to bring you a sense of openness, positivity, healing, and an abundance of love — which we all could use a bit more of, amirite? This healing stone is also said to be comforting to the heart, which might be particularly useful during the holidays, when stress can run high.

Give a few of these lovely crystals a shot, and see how they feel! You might be surprised at the little boost of happiness and fortune they bring — even if it's just because of how damn beautiful they are to look at.