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10 People Reveal The Healthy Ways They Coped With Their Breakups

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Coming to terms with the end of a relationship can be a really difficult process. It can be easy to resort to unhealthy habits to cope with the sadness, but that's why it's important to learn about healthy ways to cope with a breakup that can make the healing process not just more bearable, but also something to grow from. According to Elle Huerta, breakup expert and founder of the breakup app Mend, it's important to be prepared for the physical and psychological withdrawal that often occurs when separating from a partner.

"The first part of a breakup is really physical," Huerta previously told Elite Daily. "Breakups change your physiology and neurochemistry, so it's normal to feel like you're going through withdrawal." When you're feeling low, it's important to remember that you can still experience love again in the future. "If you're in a rough patch, remind yourself that there is going to be a low point to every day," said Huerta. "You may have lost love, but you're still loved and lovable, and a breakup is a time to be reminded of this." With this in mind, here's how 10 Redditors got through it. And remember: You're not alone!

Try To Be Thankful For Your Ex And The Love You Shared.
Remember the good times. This isn't you losing something, this is you getting to have happy memories with someone and then find someone else even better. And you know those bad memories? They'll make the next good ones even more awesome. Happiness is funny like that. If you were always happy, it wouldn't feel good. These sad moments will make the person you end up with SO much sweeter. Value them!


Find A New Hobby.
You should invest your time in a new hobby. They say the only way to get well from an addiction is to find a new one. Channel your emotion into working out, or art, or a dog, or whatever you want, as long as it's constructive.


I was broken up with not so long ago. The way I've handled it is like most people are suggesting, keeping yourself busy, pursuing hobbies, going out with friends, etc., but one thing that helps is I remind myself of the moments I'm happy doing those things each day after the breakup. No matter how small those moments of happiness were. It could be someone making you laugh or coming home to your dog. For those brief seconds you've proven to yourself that you're capable of feeling something other than the breakup. With time those moments of happiness will get longer, and one day things will be much better.

— u/100redapples

Watch Movies That Will Keep You Busy & Smiling.
Watch 'Swingers.' Click to watch here.
Way back when I broke up with my high school boyfriend, my dad popped this in the DVD player and it was somehow just the thing — the laugh I needed in just the right context.


Find Reasons To Laugh.
Repost from a few days ago but, I turned on every bit of stand-up and comedy Netflix had. For a while that's all I did because how can you be sad if you're constantly laughing? Not just a little chuckle but that deep stomach laugh that gives you hiccups and you're a bit dizzy afterwards. I had to keep laughing because it kept me from crying and eventually it worked.

— u/Uncle_Oj

Let Yourself Feel The Pain, But Try Not To Stay In A Hole.
If you're upset, then you need time to purge your feelings and wallow a little bit. I think we are too wedded to the idea that we need to be strong all the time and that any indulgence of feeling is an unforgivable weakness. If you are upset, let yourself be upset. Don't beat yourself up. However, don't stay there forever. Purge your grief and then try to do things for you that make you happy.


Go No-Contact.
Cut the cord. Remove them from social media, it's a skewed view and you don't need to be seeing that right now anyways. Stop texting or calling if you're not over them and still doing so.


Meditation. It's actually a great solution to several challenges, issues in life. You'll find that by practicing meditation everyday your mind will get sharper, more open, and at peace.


Be Patient.
Wait. And wait some more. Wait as long as it takes.
Eventually your life will begin to be defined by much more than just your ex.


Time. Time will heal all wounds, as cliche as it sounds.


Even though healing from a broken heart isn't always easy, implementing healthy habits during tough times is key. By doing this, you can channel your pain into productive outlets that can facilitate personal growth.

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