These country songs about breakups will help you move on.
13 Country Songs About Breakups That'll Help You Move On


Who captures heartbreak better than country singers? The answer is no one. From somber ballads and sassy revenge numbers, the artists in this genre just seem to understand the ins and outs of ending a relationship — and put it all into words that hit you right in the feels. And while there are countless country songs about breakups, some of them stand out for just how relatable they are.

Some people can't listen to breakup songs when they're right in the middle of going through it, but for others, it's kind of cathartic. Knowing you're not alone in your experience can be comforting, and hearing someone else verbalize your emotions in a way you might not be able to can also help you to heal.

Fortunately, there's a country song for every single stage of breakups — from grief to anger to acceptance. Looking to wallow with a glass of whiskey? There's a song for that. Regretting that you walked away? There's a song for that, too. Out for some epic revenge on your ex? There's more than a few songs for that. The point is, whatever stage you're in RN, rest assured that cranking a little country music can get you through it. Here are a few tunes you'll definitely want to add to your post-breakup playlist.

"Break Up In The End" — Cole Swindell
You've just had one too many tonight / You're just calling 'cause you're lonely, that's OK / But you know if you come over, I can't not let you in / Even though we'll break up in the end.

You know how some relationships are worth the heartache? That's exactly what Cole Swindell's singing about in this relatable song — an amicable ending to a romance you know you'd re-do over and over again.

"Break Up In A Small Town" — Sam Hunt
She's so far gone, but she didn't go far / She was over me before the grass grew back where she used to park her car / She's leaving those same marks in someone else's yard.

Ugh, watching your ex move on with someone else is the worst — especially when you happen to know their new boo. But then again, that's just the way things tend to go in a small town, as Sam Hunt sings about in this heartbreaking hit.

"Last Kiss" — Taylor Swift
All that I know is / I don't know how to be something you miss.

T. Swift is basically the queen of breakup songs — but this one is especially memorable due to the evocative imagery and oh so vulnerable lyrics.

"Keep It To Yourself" — Kacey Musgraves
You heard from your friends that I'm doing OK / And you're thinking that maybe you made a mistake... If you think that you still love me / Put it on a shelf / If you're looking for someone / Make it someone else.

Trying to move on from your ex? This is the perfect tune to hum along to — and maybe Musgraves' powerful lyrics will inspire you to finally leave the past behind.

"Need You Now" — Lady A
Picture perfect memories / Scattered all around the floor / Reaching for the phone 'cause, I can't fight it anymore / And I wonder if I ever cross your mind / For me, it happens all the time.

When it's a quarter after 1, you're a little drunk, and you can't stop thinking about your ex, crank this classic.

"Miss Me More" — Kelsea Ballerini
I put on my old records that I hid in the back of the closet / And I turn them up to 10 / And then I played them all again I found my independence/ Can't believe I ever lost it / What you wanted, ain't it?

If you just got out of a relationship that you sorta lost yourself in, then Kelsea Ballerini's words should definitely resonate — and hopefully, help you feel excited about rediscovering who you really are now that you're single again.

"Tequila" — Dan + Shay
I can kiss somebody brand new and not even think about you / I can show up to the same bar, hear the same songs in my car / Baby, your memory it only hits me this hard... When I taste tequila.

Everyone's got that one thing that reminds them of their ex — whether it's a certain song, a nostalgic smell, or a place you used to go together. Dan + Shay get it — in fact, they wrote a whole song about it.

"If My Heart Had A Heart" — Cassadee Pope
If my heart had a heart / It'd stop breaking in two/ It would stop loving you.

Whoever said breaking up is hard to do wasn't kidding around. I dare you to listen to this one and try not to cry.

"Once" — Maren Morris
It's been months; I'm still seeing signs of you / Things that you wanted me to read, shit that you wanted me to do... I know this might be asking a lot / When it's all said and done / Don't forget that you loved me once.

In this achingly beautiful jam, Maren Morris sings about the unique pain that comes with knowing that you're responsible for breaking someone else's heart — and hoping that they won't ultimately harbor any hard feelings toward you.

"Bathroom Floor" — Maddie & Tae
Get up off the bathroom floor / Let's wipe the tears off your cheeks / Put on a dress and get out that door / Girl, the first shot's on me...

You know that one BFF who always picks you up — sometimes literally — after a relationship ends? This fun, upbeat little number is a tribute to that friend.

"Your Side Of The Bed" — Little Big Town
On your side of the bed there's a burnt down candle flame / A letter I've started but I didn't know what to say / No I couldn't write it down, so I try to say it now / Tell me how, how'd you get so far away? / All we have left, are the memories of the love we made.

Still scratching your head over went wrong? Missing your ex and wondering what they're up to? This one will surely make you feel *seen.*

"Mama's Broken Heart" — Miranda Lambert
I cut my bangs with some rusty kitchen scissors / I screamed his name 'till the neighbors called the cops / I numbed the pain at the expense of my liver / Don't know what I did next all I know, I couldn't stop.

Even though her mama raised her to "keep it together even when you fall apart," Miranda Lambert's got a different way of dealing with the hurt — and she lays it out in a way that's both hilarious and relatable AF.

"Whiskey Glasses" — Morgan Wallen
Don't wanna think about her / Or wear a ring without her / Don't wanna hit the karaoke bar / Can't sing without her / So make them drinks strong / 'Cause, brother, she's gone.

If you've ever tried to numb the post-breakup pain with a couple of drinks, this song should definitely resonate.