Here Are 13 Celeb Couples Who Wore Promise Rings To Show Commitment

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Every couple has different ways of showing their commitment to each other. For some, that means posting a cute couple's selfie on IG. For others, that means changing their relationship status on Facebook. However, if you're looking for a more concrete way to flaunt your love for your boo (but something a little less permanent than matching tattoos), then you should take a cue from all the celebrity couples who have worn promise rings. Commitment rings are a sweet, subtle way to indicate just how serious you are about your partner, and more A-listers have rocked them over the years than you may realize.

To be clear, wearing a promise ring doesn't necessarily mean you have plans to marry your SO someday. You also don't have to abstain from sex until marriage in order to wear one. Unlike engagement rings or purity rings, a promise ring can simply indicate how much you care about your partner — for now or forever. From initial jewelry to eye-catching sparklers, several celebs have worn rings to symbolize their love for an SO, and if you're looking for inspo, then these commitment ring ideas may just give you and your partner some ideas.

Dean Unglert & Caelynn Miller-Keyes
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During a June 2020 episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons—Ever! Dean Unglert revealed the meaning behind his and Caelynn Miller-Keyes' mysterious rings. "The fact that I'm wearing the ring is showing that I'm committed to Caelynn and only Caelynn, and I've been wearing it for the past six or so months," Unglert told Chris Harrison. "She wears her fun little ring as well, which isn't the traditional ring of marriage or engagement ring, but it's our way of telling the world and the people we're around that we are committed to each other."

Charli D'Amelio & Chase Hudson
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Though Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson broke up in April 2020, the two sparked reconciliation rumors after they posted a TikTok together four months later. Not long after that, D'Amelio and Hudson started wearing what looked like matching heart rings, which sent the internet into a frenzy. The two have yet to confirm dating rumors, but when asked about the matching jewelry by paparazzi in October 2020, Hudson claimed they were "friendship rings" and wearing them had been D'Amelio's idea.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
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Back in April 2011, Robert Pattinson reportedly gave Kristen Stewart a very special 21st birthday gift: a "promise ring." "The ring is rose-cut diamonds set in rose gold," a source for OK! reportedly claimed. "It's a very feminine piece of jewelry. Very old." The source also reportedly added, "Rob would marry Kristen, but he knows she's not ready, so he's taking baby steps. That's why he bought the promise ring." (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Pattinson and Stewart for comment on the claim but didn't hear back in time for publication.)

Robert Pattinson & FKA twigs
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Stewart wasn't the first person to reportedly receive a promise ring from Pattinson. In March 2015, a source for People reportedly claimed Pattinson and FKA twigs were sporting matching promise rings after six months of dating. "He wants to marry her," the source reportedly added. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Pattinson for comment on the claim but didn't hear back in time for publication. A rep for FKA twig had no comment.) Just two months later, FKA twigs traded in her supposed promise ring for an engagement ring, though the two have since called off their engagement.

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth
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In August 2017, Liam Hemsworth raised eyebrows when he stepped out wearing what looked like a gold wedding band on his left ring finger. "He wears that ring as more of a 'promise' to Miley, but they are not officially married," a source for E! News reportedly claimed. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Hemsworth and Cyrus for comment on the claim but didn't hear back in time for publication.) About a year earlier, Cyrus started wearing a sparkly gold band on her own left ring finger, though she never confirmed the meaning behind the ring.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber
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After just about a year of dating Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez showed off a new ring in February 2012, which featured a diamond-encrusted "J." She posted a (since-deleted) pic of the sparkler on Instagram along with the caption, "I'm finally home :)." Though she didn't tag Bieber in the pic, fans suspected it was a gift from him, as he was holding her hand in the pic. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Gomez and Bieber to ask whether it was a promise ring but didn't hear back in time for publication.) Later, when Bieber's now-wife Hailey Balwin got a "J" tattoo on her finger, fans couldn't help but point out the similarity between the tat and Gomez's old ring.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga
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In September 2016, Kylie Jenner debuted a giant sparkler from her then-boyfriend Tyga on Snapchat along with the caption, "If this is my promise ring I wanna know what my engagement ring gonna look like." A few months later while chatting with E! News, Jenner said she and Tyga were "just chilling" and the expensive piece of jewelry was "just a little promise ring." NBD. Unfortunately, she and Tyga split in April 2017 before fans could see what an engagement ring from the rapper would look like.

Ashley Tisdale & Jared Murillo
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Before tying the knot with Christopher French, Ashley Tisdale dated High School Musical dancer Jared Murillo, and the two were so serious, they reportedly exchanged promise rings. According to In Touch, the couple was reportedly spotted at a Los Angeles jewelry store shopping for rings in May 2008 ahead of their two-year anniversary. "They were beautiful rings and very elegant," an insider reportedly claimed. Later, during a March 2009 interview with Cosmopolitan, Tisdale showed off the ring and confirmed Murillo hadn't yet proposed. "I would hope the ring would be bigger if I were engaged," she joked. The couple called it quits in April 2009.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
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Before announcing their engagement in November 2017, Meghan Markle seemingly declared her commitment to Prince Harry by debuting a gold ring on her right ring finger in February 2017 — which featured a large letter "H" — though it's unclear whether she purchased the ring herself or was given it by Harry. (Elite Daily reached out to a rep for the couple to ask whether it was a promise ring but didn't hear back in time for publication.) In December 2016, she also stepped out wearing a necklace strung with an "M" and an "H," in addition to the matching beaded bracelets the two sported soon after they started dating.

Cara Delevigne & Ashley Benson
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Cara Delevigne and Ashley Benson caused a stir in July 2019 when they were spotted wearing matching gold bands after one year of dating. While fans immediately jumped to the conclusion the pair was engaged (or even married), the rings could have also been a symbol of their commitment. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Delevigne and Benson to ask whether they were promise rings but didn't hear back in time for publication.) In August 2018, Benson also started wearing a necklace with "A" and "C" pendants, though she told Elle it was a "friendship necklace." Sadly, the couple decided to end their relationship in April 2020.

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux
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Before getting engaged, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux debuted matching gold rings with their names on them in April 2011 — but confusingly, rather than wearing each other's names on their left ring fingers, both Aniston and Theroux wore rings stamped with their own names. By August 2012, Aniston traded in her name ring for an engagement ring, though she and Theroux ended up splitting in February 2018 after two years of marriage.

Liam Payne & Cheryl Tweedy
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Just about six months after welcoming a child with Liam Payne, Cheryl Tweedy raised eyebrows when she debuted a gold band on her right ring finger in October 2017. A source for Heat reportedly claimed it was "not an engagement ring" but rather a "pre-engagement promise ring." (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Payne and Tweedy for comment on the claim but didn't hear back in time for publication.) The two ended up announcing their split less than a year later, so that engagement never happened.

Chlöe Grace Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham

Not long after getting back together (again) in late 2017, Chlöe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham started wearing rings engraved with each other's first initial. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Moretz and Beckham to ask whether they were promise rings but didn't hear back in time for publication.) However, after the two split for the final time in April 2018, Moretz seemingly shaded her ex by switching out her "B" ring for one with a "C" on it instead.

If celebs have proven anything, it's that — when it comes to promise rings — there are no rules.

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